Descendants of Matthew Luter


Generation 1


Matthew Luter was born about 1745 probably in  Isle of Wight County, Va.. He died before Feb 1832 in Robertson County, Tn. He married  Elizabeth Darden daughter of Carr Darden and Ann (?) She was born about 1750 in Va.. She died in 1837 in Robertson County, Tn.


Matthew Luter and Elizabeth Darden were married in 1770 in Southampton County, Virginia.They had the following children:


D-1-1. Elizabeth Luter was born in Pitt Co., NC.


D-1-2. Trapena Luter was born in Pitt Co., NC.


D-1-3. Lawrence Luter was born in Robertson Co., Tn. He died in 1820.


D-1-4. Matthew Luter was born about 1774 in Pitt Co., NC. He died in 1855 in Robertson Co., Tn.


D-1-5.  Christiana Luter was born in 1775 in Pitt County, NC. She married John Lawrence

Wilkinson in 1792 in Pitt County, NC. She died on 13 Oct 1855 in Twiggs or Macon

County, Ga.. She was buried in Macon Co., GA.


D-1-6. Holland Luter was born in 1786 in Pitt Co., NC. He died in 1856 in Robertson Co., Tn.


D-1-7. Andromache Luter was born on 18 Jun 1787 in Pitt Co., NC. She married James Byrns

about 1807 in Tn.. She died on 02 Feb 1861 in Robertson Co., Tn.


D-1-8.  Henrietta Luter was born in 1793 in Pitt Co., NC. She died before 1870 in Robertson

County, Tn..


Notes for Matthew Luter:


Newbern Dist., Pitt County

Luter, Matthew 2 2 5 0 4

1st Col. : Free White males 0f 16 years and upward, including heads of families.

2nd Col.: Free White males under 16 years.

3rd Col.: Free White females, including heads of families.

4th Col. All other free persons

5th Col.: Slaves


The following taken verbatim from Belle Lewter West book:

According to the descendants of the first Matthew Luter, the old folks used to say that Matthew was born about 1745 in "Old Virginia". It is not known whether he was born in Isle of Wight or Nansemond County. Just a few years after this date Southampton County was formed, in 1749 from Isle of Wight and Nansemond. From that time many records of Luters were recorded in Southampton County.


There is no documentary proof of the parentage of Matthew, but it is thought by his descendants that he was one of the sons of Thomas, who died about 1779, in Southampton.


Matthew Luter married Elizabeth Darden in 1770, presumably in Southampton County. On the 23rd of April, 1774, he bought 410 acres of land on the Coneto Creek in Pitt County, NC from Mason Mayo for 130. 6.8 lbs (Pitt Co., NC Deed Bk. E/220).


The US Census of Pitt County for 1790 listed Matthew Luter with:

 two males over 16,

two males under 16,

five females

4 slaves.

Matthew Luter evidently decided that Tennessee would furnish his family with better advantages. On the 16th of July 1798, he bought 274 acres of land in Robertson County in that state, and moved his family. This property lay on Bush Creek in the Western part of the county. (Robertson Co., Tn. Deed Bk. 8/183).


Matthew wrote his will on 8 Jan. 1824, and it was probated at the February Court in 1832. Elizabeth's will was written on 22 Jan. 1833. The account of the sale of her property was recorded on 28 June 1837, in Will Book 9/456 of Robertson County, Tn. The account of the sale of Matthew Luter is listed in Will Book 8/80, and is dated 15 March 1832.


Matthew Luter Born about 1745 at Isle of Wight Co., VA or at Nansemond Co., VA which on 1749

became Southampton Co., VA He died between 1824-1832.

Bought 410 acres on the Coneto Creek on 1774 at Pitt Co., NC (Deed Bk. E/220).

On the 1790 Census he was living in at Pitt Co., NC with males 1 16+; females 5.

Bought 274 acres on Bush Creek on 1798 in Robertson Co., TN (Deed Bk. 8/183).

On the 1820 Census he was living in Robertson Co., TN males 1 26-44(Lawrence), 1 45+(him);

females 1 0-9, 1 45+(wife).

Will written on 1824 probated 1832.

Settled at Robertson Co., TN with son at Bush Creek about the same time Carr, Holland, and

Jonathan Darden were settling at Sulpher Fork on the Red River and Carrs were settling at Miller's Creek. All appeared to have gone to NC and TN together.

Married Elizabeth Darden in 1770 at Southampton Co. VA?


Matthew Luter was a Patroller during the Revolution. He took the place of a man who

went off to fight in the War. The DAR accepts that as service if you have any females

in your family who would like to join. SAR would probably accept it also. This was in

Pitt Co., NC.