D-1-7   Andromache Luter was born on 18 Jun 1787 in Pitt Co., NC. She died on 02 Feb 1861 in Robertson Co., Tn. She married.  James Byrns,  son of John Bryns and Mary Ann Baxter. He was born on 28 Aug 1786 in Charleston,

Charleston County, SC. He died on 08 Feb 1850 in Robertson County, Tn.. He was buried in Family Cemetery, near Cedar Hill, Robertson County, Tn..


James Byrns and Andromache Luter were married about 1807 in Tn.. They had the following children:


D-2-15   Mahala Henrietta Byrns was born on 05 Mar 1808 in Robertson County, Tn.. She married Berry Darden on 20 Jan 1828 in Robertson County, Tn.. She died on 08 Feb 1902 in Cedar Hill, Robertson County, Tn..


D-2-16   Mary Ann Byrns was born on 08 May 1810 in Red River, Robertson County, Tn.. She married Jeremiah Batts in 1829 in Robertson County, Tn.. She died on 09 Feb 1867 in Robertson County, Tn.. She was buried in Batts Cemetery, Robertson County, Tn..


D-2-17   Martha Byrns was born on 29 Mar 1812 in Robertson County, Tn.. She married Thomas Jefferson Ryan on 27 Apr 1831 in Robertson County, Tn.. She died on 07 Jan 1887 in Angola, Labette County, Kansas.


D-2-18   John Wellington Byrns was born on 06 Feb 1817 in Robertson County, Tn.. He married Elizabeth Johnson Long on 11 Dec 1844 in Robertson County, Tn.. He died on 13 Nov 1878 in Robertson County, Tn..


D-2-19   James Gillespie Byrns was born on 07 Dec 1824 in Robertson County, Tn.. He married Lurana Artemissa Dunn on 01 Nov 1849 in Robertson County, Tn.. He died on 19 Mar 1908 in Robertson County, Tn..


D-2-20   Susan Emily Byrns was born on 26 Dec 1826 in Robertson County, Tn.. She married Wilford Campbell Jackson on 24 Dec 1843 in Robertson County, Tn.. She died on 25 Sep 1903 in Carroll Parish, La..


D-2-21   Thomas Baxter Byrns was born about 1828 in Robertson County, Tn.. He died in Nov 1856.



Notes for Andromache Luter:


Andromache was the name of Hectors wife in the Greek "Iliad" by Homer.



Katrina Piper - Dec 9, 2006

This wonderful letter was preserved by descendants of Andromache and shared with researcher and author Phillip A. Gowan. In his Volume I of "Byrns/Jackson, A Record of Their Probationary State," Phil compiled copies and transcriptions of letters and diary entries of some of the subjects in his research.


This particular letter was wrtten to Andromache (Anna) Luter Byrns' daughter Susan Emily Byrns Jackson and was dated 16 Sept 1859. Susan was living in Monticell, Louisiana. It is a statement in the letter regarding life as a probationary state that inspired Phil. The last time I spoke with him, he again mentioned that. I have lost contact with Phil.



Dear Daughter,

I again add up you a few lines to inform you of my health and the health of your friends and the neighbors. My health is now very good for me, your kin and friends are generally very good but there is some sickness among some of our neighbors consisting mostly of a fluxy disposition and influenza. Our quarterly meeting commenced at Ebnezer last Saturday (10 inst.) and is still progressing.

There has been about 55 conversions and last night about 40 mourners at the benches. Among those who professed I will mention a few of their names. James G. Byrns and wife, Jeremiah Batts, Jr. (so I heard last night), Sally Batts, 2 of J. W. Featherston's children -- Ramy and Loney -- and your brother John's son James Henry. Your sister Mahala Darden was a mourner and as a general thing

the mourners are gown folds from 20 to 35 years of age. John T. Bartlett & Mary Ann Jackson (Sanford's wife) professed and 40 have joined the church. The meeting will continue for some time yet for I never saw a greater time at meeting in my life. three weeks ago they had a protracted meeting at Providence which continued 12 days and 72 conversions. I have been to the meeting 6 days and I am now ready to start this morning. ;Emily you would be surprised if you were here to see the peoplethey come in crowds of 10's and 100's and the interest in the meeting is increasing. Julia and Wade, the railroad cars are in sight of Ebenezer. They made 4 trips yesterday bringing iron and ties and will be at Gooches next Tuesday. We then expect so soon as this meeting is over to

get up a barbecue in honor of the road and the prosperity of the country.

Emily, you must raise your children up in the nurture and care of the Lord and bear in mind that it is not all of life to live nor all of death to die. This life is but a probationary state given us to prepare for a long, long eternity. Write about Washington Darden and let me hear from you often. Send this letter to Pamelia.

Your Mother,

Anna Byrns


P.S. Emily Featherston has quilted 19 quilts at $5 each making $95.


NOTE: Julia and Wade mentioned in the letter were the oldest of Susan Emily Jackson's children who lived to maturity.

The meeting, or revival, was held at the old Ebenezer Camp Ground in Robertson County, Tennessee.

James G. Byrns, mentioned, later became a preacher, preaching randomly at many churches in this area of Tennessee and southern Kentucky. His wife was Artemissa Dunn.