D-1-6  Holland Luter-1 was born in 1786 in Pitt Co., NC. He died in 1856 in Robertson Co., Tn.


Holland Luter and unknown spouse had the following children:


D-2-11.  Martha Luter was born in 1814 in Tn..


D-2-12   Susan Caroline Luter.


D-2-13 Thomas J. Luter was born in 1826 in Tn..


D-2-14 George W. Luter was born in 1827 in Tn..




Notes for Holland Luter:

General Notes:

1840 Census, robertson County, Tn.

LUTER, Holland RB-207



1850 Census, Dist. 7, Robertson County, Tn. 22 Oct. 1850, Page 55

1325 1325 Luter, Holland      64 M None 250 NC

                            Thomas J. 24 M Farmer Tn.

                            Geo. W.     23 M Farmer Tn.


Holland Luters Will January Papers 1857


I, Holland Luter, of the County of Robertson and State of Tennessee do make and constitute this my last will and testament, revoking and making void all former wills by me made at any time.


1st. I direct that all my funeral expenses and past debts be paid by my

Executors as soon after my death as possible out of any moneys that I may

die possesed of or that may first come into the hands of said Executors.


2nd. I give and bequeth unto my two sons Thomas J. & George W. Luter

all my lands to be ____?____ and occupied jointly by them both and in

the event that one of them should move off and not sell to the other it

is my will and desire that the other may pocess and enjoy said lands

with all of the benefits of said lands free from rent. I do further

give to my two sons above named all my personal property of which I may

be pocessed of at my death including all my money and notes for money &

to be equally divided between them.


3rd. I give unto my daughter Susan Caroline Daughtry five dollars.


4th I give unto Martha Conley (wife of Harrison Conley) five dollars.


5th. It is my will and desire that if either of my sons Thomas J. or

George W. Luter dies without leaving children it is my will and desire

that the survivor heir the whole of said property and should both of

them die leaving no children, it is then my will and desire that the

property I will unto my two sons Thomas J. and George W. Luter be then

equally divided bewteen the children of Susan Caroline Daughtry and

Martha Conley, both above named in this will.


I do further nominate and appoint my two sons Thomas J. and George

Luter, Executors to this my last will and testament with full power to

act in carrying in to effect the provisions of swore on testimony where

of I have hereunder set my name and seal this 2nd day of June 1856

                                                                     Holland Luter (Seal)


R. Hadley

W. J. Miles