D-1-8  Benjamin Wilkinson Luter son of Matthew Luter and Mary Wilkinson was born about 1800 in Robertson County, Tennessee. He died on 13 Nov 1870 in Henry County, Tn.. He married  Rachel Poyner. She was born in 1816.


Benjamin Wilkinson Luter and Rachel Poyner were married on 24 Dec 1829 in Davidson County, Tennessee. They had the following children:


D-2-32  Kate Luter.


D-2-33  Betty Luter. She married George L. Hicks on 06 Feb 1890 in Henry County, Tn..


D-2-34  Robert Alexander Luter was born on 15 May 1841 in Tn.. He served in the military on 29 Nov 1861 in CSA Co E Reg 48 TN Inf, (Co. E, 48th Regt., Tn. Inf. CSA). He married Cynthia Florence Luter on 29 Mar 1869 in Marshall County, Ky.. He died on 02 Jan 1928 in Benton, Marshall County, Ky.. He was buried on 03 Jan 1928 in Wilson Cemetery, Bemton, Marshall Co., Ky..


D-2-35  Rachel Almira Luter was born on 13 Sep 1847 in Henry County, Tn.. She married George T. Poyner on 16 Mar 1865 in Henry County, Tn.. She died on 18 Nov 1912 in Henry County, Tn..


D-2-36  Martha A. Luter was born in 1849 in Henry County, Tn.. She married H.G. Jones on 07 Dec 1865 in Henry County, Tn..


D-2-37  James Wilkinson Luter was born on 27 Dec 1850 in Cottage Grove, Henry County, Tn.. He married Sarah Virginia Reeks in 1886. He died in Ralston, Weakley County, Tn..


D-2-38  Mary Elizabeth Luter was born in 1853.


D-2-39  Hester Virginia Luter was born in 1856. She married Robert P. Cravens on 31 Jan 1876 in Henry County, Tn.. She died in 1947 in Henry County, Tn..


D-2-40  Eliza Luter was born in 1860.


D-2-41  Julia Luter was born in 1861 in Henry County, Tn.. She married Joseph B. Crowder on 24 Nov 1881 in Henry County, Tn..




D-1-8  Benjamin Wilkinson Luter also married Rachel Smiley.


Benjamin Wilkinson Luter and Rachel Smiley were married on 24 Dec 1829. They had no children.



Notes for Benjamin Wilkinson Luter:


1840 Census, Robertson County, Tn.

LUTER, B.W. RB-205



1860 Census, Dist. 5, Weakley County, Tn., 9 Aug. 1860, Page 24

1789 1789 Luter, B.M. 52 M Farmer 415 300 Tn.

                            Sarah J. 44 F Tn.

                            Rachel E. 13 F Tn.

                            Martha A. 11 F Tn.

                            James M. 10 M Tn.

                           May E. 7 F Tn.

                           Hester N. 3 F Tn.

                           Eliza 1/12 F Tn.



Notes for Rachel Poyner:


Their marriage records give her last name as Smiley.