B-2-29  Lawrence L. Luter son of Giles Luter and Rebecca Turner was born about 1816 in Southampton County, Va.. He died on 08 Aug 1865 in South-ampton County, Virginia. He married Lavina J. Corbitt daughter of William V. Corbitt and Nancy Turner was born about 1830.


Lawrence L. Luter and Lavina J. Corbitt were married on 24 Jun 1850 in Southampton County, Va.. They had the following children:


B-3-142  Mary E. Luter was born about 1851. She died on 15 Nov 1861.


B-3-143  Rebecca J. Luter was born about 1852. She married Allen Beal on 19 Jan 1881.


B-3-144  Nancy Luter was born about 1854.


B-3-145  George L. Luter was born about 1857. He died on 20 Sep 1871.


B-3-146  Wiley Luter was born on 23 Oct 1858. He died on 22 Nov 1858.


B-3-147  Indiana Luter was born on 19 Sep 1859.


B-3-148  Jonathan M. Luter was born on 12 Oct 1861.



Notes for Lawrence L. Luter:


Lawrence was born after his father's will was written. When the estate of his brother Nathan was divided the two legatees were Lawrence L. Luter and Robert Raiford (in right of his wife Mary Ann).


Most of the children of Lawrence and Lavinia died young. After the death of Lawrence, Lavinia married Tilmon Harris 15 Jan 1867.

Pat Corbitt Johns


Southampton Co., VA, Deeds abstracted by Matthew W. HARRIS [brackets, line breaks & surname capitalization mine]

Southampton Co., VA, Deed Book 28 (1850-1856), p. 8

5 Sep 1850 Lawrence L. LUTER to Thomas J. BRISTER, for William G. STEPHENSON, Irvin W. DUCK, A.S.H. BURGESS, & Milton D. BUTLER

Deed of Trust

[margin notes] LUTER to STEPHENSON & other's Trustee } T.D.

Examined & original del.d Willis BRADSHAW for order of Thos. J. BRISTER

This deed made the 5.th day of September in the year 1850 between Lawrence L. LUTER of the one part and Thomas J. BRISTER of the other part,

witnesseth that the said Lawrence L. LUTER doth grant unto the said Thomas J.

BRISTER the following property, to wit: the said LUTER's undevised interest in a tract of Land in the County of Southampton containing about Three hundred & forty acres be the same more or less, it being the tract of land formerly belonging to Nathan LUTER. 23 head of hogs, 3 head of cattle, one ox cart_ Cart and wheels one feather bed and furniture, one horse, bridle & saddle & his, the said

LUTER's interest in the growing crop of corn, fodder &.c


In trust to secure the following debts: one due William G. STEPHENSON for five hundred dollars by note executed the 4.th day of September 1850, one due Irvin W. DUCK, one due A.S.H. BURGESS, one due Milton D. BUTLER.

Witness the following Signatures and seals:

L.L. LUTER *Seal*

Tho. J. BRISTER *Seal*

Southampton County In the Clerk's office the 5.th day of September 1850.

This deed of Trust from Lawrence L. LUTER of the one part to Thomas J. BRISTER of the other part, for the benefit of William G. STEPHENSON, & others, was acknowledged by said LUTER and BRISTER and admitted to record.

Teste, L.R. EDWARDS C.C.

[tiny check mark in margin]

[final margin note illegible in copy]

[page end]


1850 Census, Nottaway Parish, Southampton County, Va. 21 Sept. 1850

260 260 Raiford, Robet 43 M Farmer 600 Va.

                           Mary A. F Va.

                           Emma F. 12 F Va.

                          Giles 10 M Va.

                          Merrett L. 7 M Va.

                          Gurley 3 M Va.

                          William Burgess 6/12 M Va.

261 261 Luter, Lawrence L. 30 M Farmer 300 Va.

                        Levenia        20 F Va.