B-2-28  Mary Ann Luter daughter of Giles Luter and Rebecca Turner was born about 1815 in Southampton County, Virginia. She married Robert Raiford son of Philip Raiford and Millicent Johnson. He was born about 1807.


Robert Raiford and Mary Ann Luter were married on 12 Jan 1836 in South-ampton County, Va.. They had the following children:


B-3-135  Emily Frances Raiford was born in Apr 1837 in Southampton County, Virginia. She married William Henry Corbitt on 27 Jan 1857 in Southampton County, Virginia. She died on 25 Jul 1907 in Southampton County, Va.. She was also known as Emma.


B-3-136  Giles Raiford was born in 1841 in Southampton County, Va.. He died in 1898 in Southampton County, Virginia. He was buried in Pope Cemetery, Southampton Co., Virginia.


B-3-137  Merritt Lee Raiford was born on 19 Aug 1843 in Southampton County, Va.. He married Martha Frances Darden on 24 Mar 1868 in Southampton County, Va.. He died on 06 Mar 1925 in Southampton Co., Va.. He was buried in Raiford Cemetery II, Hwy. 635 at Hwy. 629, Southampton Co., Va..


B-3-138  Martha Raiford was born about 1846 in Southampton County, Va..


B-3-139  Gurley Raiford was born about 1847 in Southampton County, Va..


B-3-140  William Raiford was born about 1850 in Southampton County, Va..


B-3-141  Burgess Raiford was born about 1852 in Southampton County, Va..




Notes for Robert Raiford:


1) Title: 1850 Southampton Co., VA Census

Publication: http://www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/va/southamp.htm

Author: Franklin Farmer

2) Title: Known Descendants of Elias (WREYFORD) RAIFORD

Publication: 01 Aug 1994


1850 Census, Nottaway Parish, Southampton County, Va. 21 Sept. 1850

260 260 Raiford, Robet 43 M Farmer 600 Va.

                            Mary A. F             Va.

                            Emma F.      12 F Va.

                           Giles              10 M Va.

                            Merrett L.        7 M Va.

                           Gurley              3 M Va.

                           William Burgess 6/12 M Va.


261 261 Luter, Lawrence L. 30 M Farmer 300 Va.

Levenia 20 F Va.