B-1-3  John Luter was born on 22 May 1774 in Southampton County, Va.. He died in 1815 in Southampton County, Va..


Name of wife not Known


John Luter and unknown wife had the following children:


B-2-1  Nancy Luter was born on 15 Jan 1792 in Southampton County, Va..


B-2-2  Fereby Luter was born about 1795 in Southampton County, Va.. She married Benjamin Council on 12 Feb 1829 in Southampton County, Va..


B-2-3  Obland Luter was born on 22 Aug 1798 in Southampton County, Va.. He married Margaret Beale on 20 Dec 1821 in Southampton County, Va.. He died before 1870.


B-2-4  John Luter was born in 1805 in Southampton County, Va.. He married Mary Melinda Jenkins on 17 Jul 1837 in Southampton County, Va..


B-2-5 Elias Luter was born about 1806 in Southampton County, Va.. He married Dinah Summerell on 10 Jun 1823 in Southampton County, Va..



Notes for John Luter:


Will probated Feb. 1816 - Wit. Benj. Wilson, Jonathan Luter, Matthew Luter

The first wife of Joshiah Sr. is believed to have been Rebeckah Bland. Attached is a page from the Black Creek Baptist Church of Southampton Co, Virginia. You will notice the name "Rebeckah Bland “now D???" on the left hand side. Though she is not the only Rebeckah, she is the only one who has it spelled exactly that way. When the records mention the births of her two children, it is spelled exactly this way. Also, she is listed next to Elizabeth Luter. On the previous page is listed Josiah Duck and John Luter. Josiah and John Luter were friends in that church and often got into trouble together.


John Luter was married to Elizabeth. John and Elizabeth Luter had a son John born 22 May 1774 and there is a marriage record for John Luter and Alice Duck (Duke) dated 25 Nov 1793. Lastly, Josiah Duck and Rebeckah Duck were excommunicated on 26 Feb 1790, Rebeckah for excessive drinking. The attached page shows "Excomd" to left of her name. John and Elizabeth Luter's nine children are listed on another page as being born 1767 through 1786. Later pages show the birth of Betty Duck to Josiah and Rebeckah on 27 Jul 1786 and the birth of Jonathan Duck to Josiah and Rebeckah 5 Dec 1789. All circumstantial evidence, to be sure, but enough for me until something

better comes along. John