A-2-18  Charles C. Lewter-1 was born on 16 Feb 1807 in North Carolina. He died on 16 Apr 1864 in McNairy County, Tn.. He was buried in Old Purdy Cemetery, McNairy County, Tennessee. He married  Emily Harriet Carter daughter of John Champe Carter and Mary Margaret Aldridge. She was born on 23 Jan 1827. She died on 23 Sep 1905 in Ft. Towson, Choctaw, Oklahoma Terr.. and was buried in Doaksville Cemetery, Fort Towson, Choctaw County, Oklahoma.


Charles C. Lewter and Emily Harriet Carter were married on 23 Jan 1847 in Tishomingo, Mississippi and had the following children:


A-3-89 John Thomas Lewter was born on 05 Jan 1847 in Alabama. He married Selia Amanda Crump on 23 Jan 1873 in Crump, Hardin, Tennessee, USA. He died on 07 Nov 1903 in Purdy, McNairy County, Tn.. He was buried in Old Purdy Cemetery, McNairy County, Tennessee.


A-3-90 Charles Carter Lewter was born on 30 May 1855. He married Murtle E. Berry on 07 Mar 1897 in Selmer, McNairy County, Tennessee. He died on 25 Jul 1940 in Ardmore, Carter County, OK.




Notes for Charles C. Lewter:



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Probable father of Charles C. Lewter: Thomas Lewter son of Hardy Lewter.

Born in NC, Charles C. Lewter is probably descended from Hardy Lewter, who is progenitor of most NC Lewters. Hardy had several children, including son Thomas Lewter who has a family visible in the 1810 and 1820 census but all the tick marks which represent children in his family are not identified in family trees and family history books. Charles C. Lewter would fit into the family. Charles Lewter, widow Lewter, William Lewter and 3 other male Lewters are listed on the estate sale information for Thomas Lewter from the NC Archives. C-073-50052 Orange County, NC Inventory of Estates, 1830 - 1836. Page number on the microfilm was 161.


(Most commonly, members of the immediate family purchased the household goods from the estate and then the proceeds were divided among the heirs.)

Dr. Beth Kennard


CC Lewter was named trustee of newly formed Purdy College.


1840 Censu8s, Lauderdale County, Alabama

C.C. Lewton

Free White Males 30-39 1


1850 Census, Div. 2, East of the Military Road,

Lauderdale County, Alabama 26 Nov. 1850

753 Lewter, Charles C. 42 M NC

                    Emily         27 F Va.

                    John           3 M Ala.


1860 Census, Dist. 7, McNairy County, Tennessee

PO: Purdy 2 Aug. 1860

1016 Luter, C.C.          52 M NC Farmer

                   Emily        33 F Va.

                   John L.     12 M

                   Charley      5 M


1860 Slave Schedule

C C Luter

All Slaves Owned:

Age Gender

52 Female

27 Male

25 Male

25 Female

23 Male

22 Female

22 Female

17 Female

11 Male

8 Male

7 Male

6 Female

6 Female

5 Male

4 Female

3 Female

2 Male

2 Female

9 Female


1870 Census, Dist. 7, McNairy County, Tennessee

1 June 1870, Page 33

234 Roten, Robert    37 M W Tn.

                  Emily      42 F W Al.

                  Charles  14 M W Tn. (Actually Charles Lewter)

                   Ketty       1 F  W Tn.

       Lewter, Sarah   15 F Mulatto Al.

                   Rebecca 12 F Black Tn.




Notes for Emily Harriet Carter:


Emily Carter born 23 Jan 1828 Virginia daughter of John Champe Carter and Mary Aldridge (John Champe Carter had an aunt Anne Carter, who married "Lighthorse" Henry Lee, they had Robert E. Lee) Emily Carter Married Charles C. Lewter 23 Feb 1847 Tishomingo Co, Mississippi (have marriage record) They appear together in the 1850 census in Alabama where his birthplace is given as NC and his age as 42, making his birth year 1808.  They are in Tennessee in 1860 census with his age 52 and his birthplace again given as NC


Emily Harriet Carter was from a very prominent wealthy Virginia family, she is my link all the way back to the Magna Carta and Plantagenet Kings of England.

Beth Kennard


1870 Census, Dist. 7, McNairy County, Tennessee

1 June 1870, Page 33

234 Roten, Robert 37 M W Tn.

                   Emily 42 F W Al.

                   Charles 14 M W Tn. (Actually Charles Lewter)

                   Ketty 1 F W Tn.

      Lewter, Sarah 15 F Mulatto Al.

                   Rebecca 12 F Black Tn.


1900 Census, Dist. 38, Civil Dist. 7, Hardin County, Tennessee

19 June 1900 Page 7B

127 127 Lewter, Carter C Head W M May 1855 45 Wid Tn. NC Va. Printer

                          Charlie C. Son W M Jun 1897 2 S Tn. Tn. Ark.

              Rolen, Emily H. Mother W F Jan. 1827 73 Wid. Va. Va. Va.