Albert Alphonsus Lewter Death Certificate         Lucy Emma Brogden Death Certificate


A-4-228 Albert Alphonsus Lewter, son of Charles Madison Lewter and Tulahema H. Cheek,  was born on 16 Nov 1868 in Chatham County, NC. He died on 25 Aug 1931 in Patterson Twp., Durham County, NC. He was buried on 26 Aug 1931 in Maplewood Cemetery, Durham, Durham County, NC. He lived at 1930 Patterson, Durham, Durham County, NC. He married Lucy Emma Brogden daughter of John Brogden and Lucy Collins. She was born on 07 Apr 1873 in NC. She died on 27 Dec 1963 in Durham, Durham County, NC. She was buried on 30 Dec 1963 in Maplewood Cemetery, Durham, Durham County, NC.


Albert Alphonsus Lewter and Lucy Emma Brogden were married on 02 Aug 1891 in Durham County, NC. They had the following children:


A-5-399 Ottis Eric Lewter was born on 07 Jul 1893 in Durham, NC. He married Bertha L. Mittleman on 26 Feb 1923 in City of Charlottesville, Va.. He died in Feb 1970 in Norfolk, Norfolk City, Va.. He was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Norfolk, Norfolk, Va..


A-5-400 Lottie Francis Lewter was born on 04 Dec 1895 in NC. She married James W. Kellam on 10 Jun 1916. She died in Nov 1977 in NC. She was buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Durham, Durham County, NC.


A-5-401 Charles Hiram Lewter was born on 15 Nov 1897 in Durham, NC. He died in Feb 1983 in St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Fl..




Notes for Albert Alphonsus Lewter:


1. Marriage Records of Durham County, NC

2. His death certificate


1900 Census, Durham Twp., Durham County, NC 2 June 1900 Page 2 B


34 36

Lewter, Alphonso A. Head W M Nov. 1868 31 md 8 NC NC NC Paper Cutter

             Lucy M. Wife W F Apr. 1874 26 md 8 3 3 NC NC NC

             Ottis E. Son W M July 1893 6 S NC NC NC

             Lottie F. Dau. W F Dec. 1895 4 S NC NC NC

             Charles H. Son W M Nov. 1897 2 S NC NC NC


1910 Census, Dist. 33, Durham, Durham County, NC 2 May 1920, Page 20A


368 370

Lewter, Alphons A. Head M W 42 Md. 18 yrs. NC NC NC Painter, House

             Emma Wife F W 36 Md. 18 yrs. NC NC NC

             Otis E. Son M W 16 S NC NC NC Painter, House

             Lonnie Dau. F W 14 S NC NC NC

             Hiram E. Son M W 12 S NC NC NC


1920 Census, Dist 44, Durham, Durham County, NC 7 Feb. 1920 Page 14A

Asberry Street


269 263 Lewter,

Alphonza A. Head Rents M W 40 Md. NC NC NC Painter, House

                    Emma Wife F W 41 Md. NC NC NC

                    Herman Son M W 22 S NC NC NC Machanic, Painter


1930 Census, Dist. 31, Patterson, Durham County, NC April 16, 1930, Page 9A


167 172

Lewter, Alphonze A. Head Owns $3,000 M W 61 Md. at 23 yrs NC NC NC No Occup.

             Emma Wife F W 56 Md. at 17 yrs NC NC NC




Notes for Lucy Emma Brogden:


1880 Census, Dist. 193, Lebanon, orange County, NC 11 June 1880 Page #9

79 84 Brogden, John W M 26 --?-- Farmer NC NC NC

                          Ann W F 65 Mother keeping House NC NC NC

                          Frances W F 26 Wife NC NC NC

                          Lucy E. W F 6 Dau. NC NC NC

                          Charles R. W M 1 Son NC NC NC

                          William J. W M 15 Nephew Laborer NC NC NC

                          Ida E. W F 13 Niece NC NC NC