A-3-15  William H. Lewter was born about 1810.


It is not known if William ever married or had children.


Notes for William H. Lewter:


2.5 pages of property sale Oct 31, 1828 by John A Mason Adm.


Buyers, Widow, James Harward, Wm George, Wm Lewter, Sanford Jinkins, Edward Winn, John Moring, Thos Lewter, Henry Moring, Gray Barbee, James K Clifton, Franklin O'Kell, Joseph J Jenkins, Augustine Herndon, James C(Cain?) Barbee, Patsy Herndon, Wm Scott, Wm Barbee, Thos Whitehead, Henderson Crabtree, John Harward, Charles L Lewter

(all of these bought several things-I tried not to dupe names)


Fairly extensive sale and mostly crops and livestock

12 sheep, 43 bushels of corn, 73+ bushels of wheat, 2382 lbs cotton, 25 head cattle, 37 pigs/hogs-1 grey horse, 1 black mare, 1 bay filly, 1 gray colt and the widow bought the still-wonder if it was a still like we think of those today-but maybe something to do with turpentine/cider?? The amounts except for the horses is basically just my math from the sell of 5 bushels of this and # of sheep, etc. so it might not be totally accurate.


Another Sale 12/22/1828 appears to be farming equipment, tools, slaves and household items-household items were on a separate page but no additional date. Buyers of farming equipment/tools/slaves/farm stuff

Widow, Augustus Herndon, Wm George, Wm Williams, Wm B Williams (might be same as Wm Williams), Franklin O'Kelly, Joseph Scott, Standford Leigh, Standford Jinkins, Lewis Horton, George W Trice, Cannon Davis, Ezekiel George, Wm George, Wm Lewter, George Willams, Charles Lewter, Aquilla Herndon, Henry Williams, Allin Goodwin, George Browning, John Williams 11 slaves-Widow 3, Wm George, Joseph Jinkins, Aquilla Herndon, Willie Marcom, Patsy Herndon-some were pairs- House hold goods and other items including livestock and horses that seem to appear in the first sell -being resold??

Buyers: Widow, Henry Williams, Augustus Herndon, Polly Herndon, Aguilla Herndon, Sanford Jinkins, Joseph Barbee, Wm George, Gray Barbee, Jesse Williams, George W Trice, Lewis Horton, Lewis Hopson, Jones Kelly, Josiah Howenton, Geo Browning, Thos Marcom Sen, Patsy Herndon, Polly Herndon, James Harward, Thos Marcom, Josiah Barbee Daniel Eavens


Estate paid out to Edward Wynn for coffin

Henry Williams, Henry Moring, Charles Lewter, Widow, Taxes (2), John ? Clerk

Wm Manley attorney

John Bilbo

Anderson Clements (interesting?)

Joseph ?

Josiah Barbee

John Barbee

James Freeland

Hugh Mulholland

T D Watts Sheriff

John Taylor Clerk

Polly Herndon for maintaing negro woman Phillis there was a note that Phillis (Fillis) didn't sell and she went to the lowest bidder, Widow.

Many of the buyers also appear on the Mt Pisgah Baptist Church Rd-

From Kim Wrenn