A-4-183. Veola (Veora) Lewter, daughter of Henry Benton Lewter and Arzetta Harward, was born on 09 Oct 1879 in Durham County, NC. She died on 10 May 1944 in Durham, Durham County, NC. She was buried on 11 May 1944 in Gooch Family Cemetery, Durham, Durham Co., NC. Her cause of death was diabetic. She married George Freeland Rigsbee. He was born on 19 Feb 1872 in Orange County, NC. He lived in 104 N. Maple St., Durham, NC in 1944. He died on 05 Dec 1963 in Durham, Durham County, NC.


George Freeland Rigsbee and Veola (Veora) Lewter were married on 01 Jan 1898 in Durham County, NC. They had the following children:


A-5-483 Henry H. Rigsbee was born on 25 May 1899. He died before 1910 in Durham County,NC.


A-5-484 Essie Ann Rigsbee was born on 24 Aug 1900. She died before 2004.


A-5-485 Lillian Betty Rigsbee was born on 01 Apr 1906.


A-5-486 Edward Rigsbee was born on 28 Mar 1908 in NC. He died in Oct 1972 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC.


A-5-487 Clara Jane Rigsbee was born on 24 Oct 1909.


A-5-488 George Thomas Rigsbee was born about 1915.


A-5-489 James Monroe Rigsbee was born about 1916 in Durham County, NC. He died on 25 Jun2004 in Annie Penn Hospital, Reidsville, NC. He was buried on 29 Jun 2004 in Pinehill Cemetery, Durham County, NC.


A-5-490 Jack Olive Rigsbee was born on 04 Jun 1918 in NC. He died in Dec 1979 in Fayetteville, Cumberland County, NC.



Notes for George Freeland Rigsbee:


1900 Census, Dist. 37, Patterson, Durham County, NC

15 June 1900, Page 10A

173 175 Rigsbee, George Head W M Feb. 1872 28 Md. 2 yrs. NC NC NC Farmer

                             Veora Wife W F Oct. 1879 20 Md. 2 yrs. NC NC NC

                                   1 Child; 1 Living

                             Henry H. Son W M May 1899 1 S NC NC NC


1910 Census, Dist. 40, Durham Ward 4, Durham County, NC

26th & 27th Apr. 1910, Page 20B

379 458 Rigsbee, Geroge F. Head M W 39 Md. 12 yrs. NC NC NC Machinest, Factory

                             Veroa Wife F W 30 Md. 12 yrs. 7 4 NC NC NC

                             Effie G. Dau. F W 8 S NC NC NC

                             Ivie L. Dau. F W 6 S NC NC NC

                             Edward F. Son M W 2 S NC NC NC

                            Clara J. Dau. M W 6/12 S NC NC NC

                            Madison, Henry M. Nephew M W 16 S NC NC NC


1920 Census, Dist. 44, Durham, Durham County, NC 4 Feb. 1920, Page 10B

201 197 Rigsbee, George Head Owns M W 50 Md. NC NC NC Machinest, Ligget Myers

                              Verla Wife F W 40 Md. NC NC NC

                              Laura Dau. F W 15 S NC NC NC

                              Edward Son M W 11 S NC NC NC

                              Bettie L. Dau. F W 9 S NC NC NC

                             Thomas G. Son M W 5 S NC NC NC

                             Monroe Son M W 4 S NC NC NC

                             Jack O. Son M W 1 S NC NC NC


1930 Census, Dist. 23, Gastonia, Gaston County, NC Apr. 4, 1930, Page 5A

76 97 Rigsbee, George F. Head Rents 25.00 M W 58 Md. @26 yrs. NC NC NC Machinest, Kutter Shop

                          Veora Wife F W 50 Md. @18 yrs. NC NC NC

                          Thomas Son M W 15 S NC NC NC

                          Monroe J. Son M W 14 S NC NC NC

                          Jack Son M W 12 S NC NC NC

                          Arthur R. Son M W 10 S NC NC NC

                          Brooks, Effie G. Dau. F W 28 Widow Md.@16 NC NC NC

                         Georgia H. Niece F W 6 S NC NC NC



Notes for Veola (Veora) Lewter:


1 Info from death certificate