A-4-180  Betsy Jane Lewter, daughter of Henry Benton Lewter and Arzetta Harward, was born in 1875 in NC. She married George W. Perry. He born in 1845


George W. Perry and Betsy Jane Lewter were married on 15 Jun 1892 in Durham County, NC. They had no known children.


Notes for George W. Perry:


Marriage Records of Durham County, NC


Notes for Betsy Jane Lewter:


From: "The Leslie's" <lesliecj1972@copper.net>

Subject: Henry Benton Lewter (son of Barbee Lewter)

Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 18:28:43 -0500


I have some additional information regarding the family of Henry Benton Lewter Although I do not have record of the Betsy Lewter documented

in Ms. Belle Lewter's book, I have been following the line as it

relates to Henry's daughter, Betty Louisa. I would imagine these are

one and the same, but can not say that for certain.

I believe that Henry's daughter, Betty, first married G.W. Perry in

Durham, North Carolina. The couple had at least one child, a daughter

named Alma D. Perry. It seems that G.W. had died by 1900 as by that

time, Betty had remarried and left her daughter in the care of Henry

and Arzetta. The 1900 census also indicates that a widowed

"mother-in-law" was residing in Henry's residence. This writer is

operating under the assumption that Kate Perry was the mother of G.W.

Perry, but that is purely conjecture.

Betty Louisa married Samuel E. Davis, son of J.F. and Elizabeth Davis

of Germany. This writer has a copy of their marriage record which

indicates the following: Portions written in are in bold

? (unreadable) Barbee having applied to me for a license for the

marriage of S.E. Davis of Durham County, aged 32 years, color - white,

son of J.F. Davis and Elizabeth Davis, the father now - Dead and the

mother - Dead - resident of (left blank) and Bettie L. Perry of Durham

County, aged 25 years, color White, daughter of H.B. Luter and A.

Luter, the father living, the mother living, resident of Durham County.

It appears that the person applying for the license was W.A. Barbee and

the Register of Deeds was J.E. Suitt (this last name was hard to read,

but this is my best guess).

The 1910 census indicates that Samuel E. and Betty were residing in a

home, which they owned but had a mortgage on. The record indicated

that they had, had 5 children with only 4 surviving. The following

children were listed: Dodson G. (age: 16), Catheline (age: 16), Samuel

F. (age: 7), and Edward M. (age: 2). Interestingly Dodson and

Catheline were born prior to their marriage. The record indicates the

couple was married for 17 years, but it had actually been 10. Samuel

was working as a retail merchant . Betty did not work. The family had

two boarders residing with them - William E. Shore (age: 24), who

worked as a bookkeeper, and Frannie Poindexter (age: 26), who worked as

a sales clerk in a dry goods store (1910 Forsyth County Census, City of

Winston, District 0073, Family 0698, Sheet 34).

In the 1920 census the couple remained in the same house, which was

identified as House 728 on North Cherry Street. The home was still

mortgaged. The record indicates that Samuel was working as a foreman

in a shipping department/factory while Betty ran a boarding house.

There were seven boarders. At the time of the 1920 Census Kathryn (age

listed as 22) still lived at home, with her two brothers Samuel F. (age

17) and Edward M. (age: 12). This writer was unable to secure solid

information on Dodson's whereabouts.

In 1930 the family resided at the same residence. Dodson was back home

(age listed as: 36) and Catherine (age: 33), Sam F. (age: 27) and

Edward M. (age: 22) continued to reside in the family home. It was

documented that the family owned their own home, valued at $12,000.

The father, Sam, had been working as a "retail merchant" at a "grocery

store" - but he was unemployed at the time of the census. The record

indicated that "Louise" did not work. Dodson was listed as being

married, with his age at first marriage as 28. He was employed in a

garage. Catherine was listed as single and employed as an employee of

the Public School (as a "supervisor" in "music"). Sam F. was single

and was working as a salesman for a tobacco company. He was employed

at the time of the census. Edward M. was also single. He had been

employed as an electrician for a tobacco company, but he was unemployed

at the time of the census.

This writer has reason to believe that both Samuel E. Davis and Betty

Louisa died prior to 1945.

Although I do not have information on any of this couple's other

children, Samuel F. Davis went on to marry two times. He served in the

Navy during World War II and was a career military man. He died in

Gulfport Mississippi on July 15, 1978. This writer is unsure whether

or not his first wife is still alive and, thus, has not included her

name. Samuel's second marriage was to Berta Powell, daughter of

Alexander Powell and Carrie E. (Patterson) Powell of Wake County, North

Carolina. This couple married on September 9, 1945. Berta Powell died

September 27, 1987 in Michigan.

I would be happy to share (or receive) additional information, if

anyone else is working on this line.