A-4-176  Meroie Ann Lewter, daughter of Henry Benton Lewter and Arzetta Harward,  was born on 26 Aug 1884 in Durham, Durham County, NC. She died on 30 Oct 1960 in Durham, Durham County, NC. She was buried on 01 Nov 1960 in Maplewood Cemetery, Durham, Durham County, NC. She married

Edward H. Clements son of Payton Clements and Mary Chisenhall. He was born on 09 May 1878 in Durham County, NC. He died on 08 Jan 1950. He was buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Durham, Durham County, NC.


Edward H. Clements and Meroie Ann Lewter were married on 19 Jan 1909 in Durham County, NC. They had the following children:


A-5-459 Harold Edward Clements was born on 16 Mar 1920. He died on 19 Apr 1981 in Durham, Durham County, NC.


Notes for Edward H. Clements:


1910 Census, Dist. 36, Parrish, Durham County, NC Page 8B

203 Dowd St.

139 159 Clements, E.H. Head M W 34 Md. NC NC NC Electrician

Morea Wife F W 25 Md. 1 yr. 0 0 NC NC NC


1930 Census, Dist. 18, Durham, Durham County, NC

Apr. 6, 1930, Page 4A

2111 E. Main St.

56 65 Clements, Edward H. Head Owns 8000 M W 52 Md. @32 NC NC NC Electrician, Electrical

                           Meroe A. Wife F W 44 md. @24 NC NC NC

                           Harold E Son M W 10 S NC NC NC

66 Allen, Archie M. Head Rents 5.00 M W 37 Md. @20 NC NC NC Carpenter, House

                           Nettie A. Wife F W 35 Md. @18 NC NC NC


Their obituaries published in the Durham Morning Herald newspaper (NC) state their birth and death dates, Edward's middle name, that Ed's parents were Payton and Mary Chisenhall Clements, both Meroie and Ed were born in Durham Co NC, marriage date was Jan 19, 1909, names of son and grandson, buried at Maplewood Cemetery in Durham, NC. Per Durham Marriage Register, they

married when he was 32 and she was 24 on Jan 19, 1909 by A P Barbee, Christian Church Minister; witnesses C R Marcom, C C Mulholland, H L Jones. Marriage also per Estate Records of Aunt Hasky Harward on file at the NC State Archives.


Notes for Meroie Ann Lewter:


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