A-4-172 Sarah Mennie Riggsbee, known as Mamie, daughter of Hilliard Rogsbee and Helen Lewter, was born on 25 May 1881 in Wake County, North Carolina. She died on 31 Oct 1918 in Durham County, NC. She was buried in Hopson Graveyard Cemetery, Durham, NC. She married Zachariah H. Herndon.  He was born on 14 Feb 1866. He died on 29 Apr 1929 in Durham County, NC.


Zachariah H. Herndon and Sarah Mennie Riggsbee were married on 28 Nov 1905 in Durham County, NC. They had the following children.


A-5-458  Malissa Hellen Riggsbee was born in May 1886. She died on 16 Feb 1928. She was also

known as Moliccie. She was buried in Berea Baptist Church, Durham, NC.


Notes for Sarah Mennie Riggsbee:


NOTE: Mamie’s Name, Dates, Parents, Birth in Wake Co NC, Spouse, Residence at 118 Blacknall St in Durham NC, Death of Bright’s and Heart Trouble, Bright’s Disease and Uremic Poisoning in Durham NC, Informant husband Z H Herndon and Burial at Hopson Graveyard Cemetery in Durham,

NC per her NC Death Certificate on Microfilm at the State Archives. Mamie was Zach Herndon's 3rd wife. She and Zach married 25 Nov 28 1905 by A P Barbee-witnesses J W Poole, Mrs J W Noll? Mrs A P Barbee.


Zach, at age 23, 1st married Sarah Jane "Sally" Hopson 17 marriage license dated Dec 22 1890 married by G A Barbee JP at W D(olph) Hopson's; witnesses H T Barbee, G M Gee.


Zach, at age 30, married 2nd Mattie Hopson, age 20, license dated Jan 4 1904-married by A P Barbee at the home of the pastor-with W K Dennis?, L W Styron.


Sarah and Mattie Hopson were sisters, daughters of W D Hopson of Durham Co NC. .Zach died of Uremia in Durham County NC per his NC Death Certificate.