Generation 2


A-1. Henry Lewter was born in 1775 in Northampton County, NC. He died on 22 Feb 1828 in Chatham County, NC. He was buried in Chatham County, NC. He married Amelia Kelly daughter of Henry Kelly and Mary Barbee. She was born about 1782 in Chatham County,

NC. She died before 1860 in Chatham County, NC and was buried in Chatham County, NC.


Henry Lewter and Amelia Kelly were married in Chatham County, NC. They had the following



A-2-8. Lydia Lewter was born in 1804.


A-2-9 Kinchen Lewter was born on 20 Nov 1802 in Chatham County, NC. He married Elizabeth

Brown before 1835 in Wahalak, Kemper Co., Miss..


A-2-10 Joseph Lewter was born about 1808 in Chatham County, NC. He died in 1871 in Milan,

Gibson County, Tn.. He was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Milan, Gibson County, Tn..


A-2-11 Barbee Lewter was born about 1808 in NC. He married Gillaney (Gilly) Byrd on 13 Jan

1835 in Wake County, NC. He died in Nov 1888.


A-2-12 Elizabeth Lewter was born about 1810 in Wake County, NC. She married Josiah Scott on

12 Feb 1829 in Chatham County, NC.


A-2-13 Nancy Ann Lewter was born in 1812. She died on 19 Feb 1892 in Wake County, NC.


A-2-14 Henry Caswell Lewter was born on 02 Apr 1817 in Chatham County, NC. He married

Elizabeth Penelope Harward on 25 Jan 1839 in Wake County, NC (Date of Lic.).



Notes for Henry Lewter:

Henry Lewter moved with his parents to Chatham County, NC before 1800. There he married Amelia (Miley) Kelly. They lived on property which Henry bought from his father, on the 16th of August 1802. This deed was not recorded untill Henry's estate was being settled in 1888 - probably because two of Henry's sons had left home and no one knew where they were living.


The estate of Henry Lewter was held together by his widow, "Miley", for many years. In 1830 she

reported to the Census of Chatham County, NC a household of 2 males and 5 females. In 1840 she reported that she was living alone. In 1850 she gave her age as 68 and was living alone. Miley was granted a small tract of land containing 23 1/2 acres lying on Indian Creek in Chatham County. To this she added 12 1/2 acres from a tract on which Henry Caswell Lewter (her son) had been living, and presented them to her two grand-sons William Henry and Sanders Kinchen Lewter on the 11th of Feb. 1859. (Chatham Co., NC Deed Bk. A-L/73) Although there is no deed to show that Henry Caswell Lewter had been given a portion of his fathers, Henry's, estate, there was an interesting Deed of Trust "Sims Upchurch, by virtue of a Deed of Trust, to him executed by Henry Caswell Lewter, for certain purposes therein expressed, did on the 6th of December 1850, after ten days proceed to sell to the highest bidder one fourth part of real estate belonging to the heirs of Henry Lewter, deceased, late of Chatham County.: Barbee Lewter, a son of Henry, became the highest bidder. This was registered at the August Term of Court 1851, and was

witnessed by G. Williams and Thos. Whitehead. (Chatham Co., NC Deed Book A-H/558)


In order to finally settle the estate of Henry Lewter, the postmaster of Green Level, NC advertized in Home & Farm, a newspaper published in Louisville, Ky.; "He wished to know the whereabouts of the heirs of Kinchen and Joseph Lewter". This advertizement was seen by W.J. Lewter of Redwine, La. and he wrote on the 20th of January, 1886, "I see advertized in the Home & Farm .....I am the son of Kinchen Lewter.....our father left North Carolina and went to Misasissippi. He married a Miss Brown, moved to Freestone County, Texas, where he died in 1858.....his children, living today, in 1886 are: Henry M. Lewter, Nancy Wiliette, Martha J. Graham and W.J. Lewter. Kinchen had a family of ten children and only the above are living."

S/ Your Friend

W.J. Lewter


In 1887 when the estate of Henry Lewter of Chatham County was in the process of being settled, a deed was registered in that county of the purchase by Johnson O. Lewter of that part of Henry's

estate which had fallen to the heirs of Kinchen Lewter, mentioned above. (Chatham Co., NC Deed Book BW/302) In answer to the same advertizement in Home & Farm, two letters, dated in August 1886, from Lucy (Green) Lewter, of Kenton, Tenn. widow of Joseph Lewter, gave the following information: "My husband, Mr. Joseph Lewter, was born and raised in Chatham County, NC. He left that country in 1839, came an agent on a stage, but am not certain who came with him. Mr. Lewter's father was Henry Lewter and his mother, Mila, which are both dead. When we were first married we lived in Davidson County, 23 miles this side of Nashville, Tenn. and kept a boarding house. We then moved to Buena Vista, Tenn. where he was in merchandising. We then moved to Milan, Tenn. and he was druggist to the day he died. Our children were: Orlando, Emily, Mila, Margaret, and Caroline. They are all dead."

S/ yours respt -


No record of the disposition of Joseph's part of Henry's estate has ever been found.



Book A-H, Page 558

This indenture made 17th day of July 1851 between Sims Upchurch Trustee of the County of

Chatham and State of North Carolina of the first part and Barbee Lewter of the County of Wake and State aforesaid of the second part. Now this indenture witnessed that whereas the said Sims Upchurch by virtue of a deed of trust to him executed by Henry C. Lewter for certain purposes therein expressed did on the 6th day of December 1850 after giving ten days notice proceed to sell to the highest bidder on the premises on a credit of nine months one fourth part of the real estate belonging to the heirs of Henry Lewter dec'd late of the County of Chatham and Barbee Lewter became the last and highest bidder for the same at the sum of twenty dollars and whereas the said Sims Upchurch did by virtue of said trust proceed to sell to the highest bidder the said Henry C. Lewters interest in nee ____?____ estate belonging to the heirs of the aforesaid Henry Lewter dec'd and Barbee Lewter became the last and highest bidder for the same at the sum of twelve dollars the receipt whereof of each sale is hereby acknowledged now. I the aforesaid Sims Upchurch as trustee as aforesaid do for myself my heirs and assignees forever warrant and defend the right & title to the above named property both real and personal to the aforesaid Barbee Lewter his heirs and assignees Forever against any claim or claims from any and all persons whatever so far as the virtue of my office ___?___ as trustee as aforesaid and no further.


In witness whereof I do hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written - signed sealed and delivered in presence of witnesses:

G H Williams

Thos. Whitehead

Chatham County August Term 1851

The foregoing deed was duly acknowledged in open court by Sims Upchurch & ordered to be

registered - Teste W.P. Taylor CCC


Death and Marriage Notices of "The Hillsborough Recorder" 1820 - 1879

5 Mar. 1828 Vol. IX #420

Died Henry Lewter, Chatham County, 22nd Ult.


Chatham County NC - Hillborough District - 1800 Federal Census

01040 203 1039 LUTER, Henry 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0


Chatham County, NC Will Book 1798-1833 C.R. 22.021, Folio Pg. 36, Old pages 142 &143.


In the name of God, Amen, I, Henry Lewter of the county of Chatham and state of No. Carolina, being weak in body but of sound mind and memory do this day of February AD one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following. (viz) First, I give unto my loving wife Miley Lewter the tract of land where on I now live containing one hundred eight-five and a half acres with all the appurtenance and privileges belonging thereto. I also give her my Negro man Anthoney, my stock of horses, cattle, and sheep, together with all the household and kitchen furniture, beds, and furniture included to have and to hold the above mentioned property during her natural lifetime or widowhood.


I also give unto my two daughters, Elizabeth Lewter and Nancy Lewter, out of the above mentioned property one bed and furniture _____?_____ and one cow each when their mother may think proper. I also to my grandson A.M. Rogers the bed and furniture which I lent to his mother when he arrives at the age of twenty-one years but if he should not live to this age, I wish the bed and furniture to be equally divided between my own children. And after the decease of my wife, the tract of land which I have given to her lifetime or widowhood, I wish to be equally

divided between my four sons: Kinchen Lewter, Joseph Lewter, Barbee Lewter and H.C. Lewter to them and their heirs forever & my Negro man Anthoney, together with all the above mentioned property which I give to my wife during her lifetime, I wish to be sold and equally divided between

all my children and my grand son A.M. Rogers, if he arrives at the age of twenty-one years, each to share and share alike. & I do appoint my loving son Joseph Lewter and William Yeats executors of this my last will and testament. The day and date above written.

In witness whereof I have hereunder set my hand and seal

In presence of :

Henry Lewter

Jno. Williams (his signature)

Wm. C. Kelly

Proved in May Session of Court 1828


1800 Census, Hillsbrough Dist. Chatham County, NC Page 13

Henry Luter 0 0 1 0 0 - 1 0 0 1 0 - 0


1810 Census, Chatham County, NC

Henry Luther 3 0 0 1 0 - 2 0 0 1 0 0 1

(Listed next to Hardy Luther)


1820 Census, Chatham County, NC

Henry Luter:

Free White Males Under 10 2

Males 10 - 15 1

Males 16 - 18 1

Males 16 - 25 1

Males 26 - 44 1

Free White Females Under 10 2

Females 16 - 25 1

Females 26 - 44 1

Number of Persons Engaged in Agriculture 2

Slaves Males 14 - 25 1

(Listed next to Hardy Luter)


1830 Census, Pittsboro, Chatham County, NC

Miley Luter

Free White Males 10 - 14 1

20 - 29 1

Free White Females 15 - 19 1

40 - 49 1

Slaves Males Under 10 1

24 - 35 1

Females 24 - 35 1


1840 Census, Chatgham County, NC

Miley Lewter

Free White Females 50 - 59 1

Slaves 36 - 54 1

Slave Females Under 10 1


1850 Census, Lower Regiment, Chatham County, NC, 3 Sept. 1850,

3 565 565 Lewter, Axum 51 M Farmer NC

4 565 565 Lewter, Sarrah 51 F NC

5 565 565 Lewter, Phatine 22 F NC

6 565 565 Lewter, Esperan 19 F NC

7 565 565 Lewter, Adaline 18 F NC

8 566 566 Lewter, Barbary 55 F NC

9 566 566 Lewter, Mary 46 F NC

10 567 567 Lewter, Martin 53 M 100 NC Farmer

11 567 567 Lewter, Margret 45 F NC

12 567 567 Lewter, Nancy 26 F NC

13 567 567 Lewter, Emily 22 F NC

14 567 567 Lewter, Sarrah 20 F NC

15 567 567 Batchellor Beaddy 48 F NC

REMARKS: "Pauper"

16 568 568 Harrod, Lydia 46 F NC

17 568 568 Harrod, William 22 M NC Labourer

18 568 568 Harrod, Edmond 19 M NC Labourer

19 568 568 Harrod, Cathrin 15 F NC

20 568 568 Harrod, Martha 11 F NC

21 568 568 Harrod, Rose A . 8 F NC

22 569 569 Lewter, Milly 68 F 300 NC

(Widow of Henry)

23 570 570 Yates, Merret 23 M 100 NC

24 570 570 Yates, Louisa 23 F NC

25 570 570 Yates, Mary J. 1 F NC


DANG!! I can't believe I hadn't thought of this, but Johnson O and Roney Lewter's grandson, Bruce Ferrell (b 1916) is still living. Mr. Bruce is the son of Poindexter "Deck" Ferrell and Annie Rebecca Lewter. Bruce goes out to eat with Gene Sears and his family every Thursday night. He likes to take the waitresses Jolly Ranchers according to Gene's daughter, Lora Schlosser. She says he LOVES to talk. I haven't had time to arrange to meet him. Bruce lives on the road that runs beside Carlyle Lewter's house. It's the older house about 600 feet down on the right. His daughter's homes are next door and right across the street. (In the time since our cousin Kim wrote this Bruce Ferrell has passed away. I had the pleasure of meeting with him on two separate occasions and Kim was right he did like to talk! John)


Just some background...

The tract of land on either side of Ferrell Rd from Carlyle and his father Dallas's houses to just past Bruce Ferrell's place was a 30 acre parcel of Henry Lewter's land division that passed to Barbee Lewter.


When Barbee Lewter's estate was divided, this parcel went to his grandchildren Leah and Walter

Barbee, orphan children of Barbee's daughter Isabelle and husband Simeon Barbee, whose land

adjoins this tract. Leah and Walter had already received their parents Barbee property which

occupied both sides of Barbee Rd on the other Side of Carlyle's house. Anyway.... Back in the 30's or so, Leah sold the front 10 acres to Dallas Lewter and the back 20 acres to Deck Ferrell. Ta Da :)

Kim Wrenn


Notes for Amelia Kelly:

General Notes:


Chatham Co., N.C.

pg. 83

Kelly, Dempsey - heir of Estate of Barbe Kelly -Gillum Upchurch, Guardian - 1812

Kelly, Henry - " " " " " " " "

Kelly, Delphia (on pg. 93), rec'd from Gillum Upchurch, the settlement of $92.67/s - 1819

pg. 104

Kelly, Delpha - Acct. with Gillum Upchurch, Guardian - 1820

Kelly, Henry - " " " " " "

pg. 112

Kelly, Delphia - Acct. with George Lewter, Guardian - 1821 (She must have reached 14 yrs and asked for a new guardian, as Gillum Upchurch was the former guardian

Kelly, Henry - Acct. with Gillum Upchurch, Guardian - 1821

Kelly, Delphia - Henry Lewter, Guardian - 1822 (receipt of her Fathers estate.)

pg. 149

Kelly, Henry - Gilum Upchurch, Guardian - 1824

pg. 203 & 217

Kelly, Henry - G. Upchurch, Guardian - 1825 - 1826

pg. 305

Williams, Henry - guardian for : Kelly, Henry, heir of: Kelly, Barbee, dec'd Feb. 1829


On the 1850 slave schedules of Chatham County, NC, Amelia (Miley) Lewter

is listed as having one 18 yr. old female slave.