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A-4-105 Henry Lee Lewter, son of Jeremiah H.W. Lewter and Nancy Billions, was born on 19 Oct 1855 in Lincoln Co., Tennessee. He died on 20 Feb 1942 in

(District #17) Ardmore, Lincoln Co., Tennessee. He was buried on 21 Feb 1942 in Malone Cem., Lincoln Co., Tennessee. He married Caroline Whitt daughter of John W. Whitt and Mary (Pollie) Merrill. She was born on 31 May 1859 in Giles

Co., Tennessee. She died on 20 Jan 1936 in Ardmore, Lincoln Co., Tennessee. She was also known as Cal or Calline. She was buried in Malone Cem., Lincoln Co., Tennessee.


Henry Lee Lewter and Caroline Whitt were married in 1876  by Samuel L. Johnson at Henry R. Lewter Place.. They had the following children:


A-5-236 Mary Virginia Lewter was born on 15 Mar 1877 in Elkton, Giles Co., Tn.. She married Thomas D. Jones on 06 Dec 1894 in Giles Co., Tenn.. She died on 29 Jun 1944 in Dist. #1, Giles County, Tn. She was buried in Gatlin Cemetery, Ardmore, Limestone County, Alabama.


A-5-237 Nancy Lou Lewter was born on 22 Apr 1879 in Tenn.. She married Benjamin A. Hargrave on 11 Oct 1900 in Giles County, Tenn.. She died on 21 Apr 1960 in Lincoln County, Tenn. She was buried in Cross Cem., Lincoln County, Tenn..


A-5-238 Robert Lee Lewter was born on 11 Dec 1880 in Elkton, Giles Co., Tenn.. He married Millie Frances Malone on 29 Dec 1904 in Lincoln Co., Tenn.. He died on 18 Dec 1918 in Limestone County, Al.. He was buried in Malone Cem., Lincoln County, Tn..


A-5-239 Azzie Wilson Milton Lewter was born on 25 Apr 1882 in Tenn.. He married Esther Pearl Hargrove on 12 Dec 1901 in Giles County, Tenn.. He died on 18 Jul 1934 in Huntsville, Madison Co., Al.. He was buried in Malone Cem., Lincoln County, Tenn..


A-5-240 James Franklin Lewter was born on 27 Jan 1884 in Giles Co., Tennessee. He married Ida Beeky Walker on 21 Jan 1903 in Giles Co., Tenn.. He died on 15 Feb 1964 in Athens, Limestone Co., Alabama. He was buried in Gatlin Cemetery, Limestone County, Alabama.


A-5-241 Ada A. Lewter was born on 27 Mar 1886 in Elkton, Giles County, Tennessee. She married Charles Marshall Burns on 21 Sep 1908 in Limestone County, Ala.. She died on 25 Jun 1982 in Huntsville, Madison County, Alababa. She was also known as Ader. She was buried in Malone Cem., Lincoln County, Tennessee.


A-5-242 John Bunion (Bunyan) Lewter was born on 16 Mar 1889 in Giles County, Tenn.. He died on 14 Sep 1970 in Huntsville, Madison County, Al.. He married Georgia Ann Osborne  by T.M. Younger. He was buried in Maple Hill Cem., Huntsville, Madison Co., Al..


A-5-243 Lutha Elusia Leona Delila Mae Lewter was born on 28 Oct 1891. She married Arthur Wyatt Billions on 18 Dec 1910 in Lincoln Co., Tenn.. She died on 26 Oct 1957. She was also known as Lila. She was buried in Decatur City Cemetery, Decatur, Morgan County, Alabama.


A-5-244 Bertha Caroline Lewter was born on 02 Aug 1894 in Giles County, Tennessee. She married Raymond S. Sisk on 24 Oct 1913 in Giles County, Tn.. She died on 03 Nov 1985 in Green Valley Convalescent. She was buried in Graceland Cemetery, New Albany, Indiana.


A-5-245 Maggie Florence Lewter was born on 22 Feb 1896 in Tenn.. She married Johnny H. Hodges on 29 Mar 1930. She died on 16 Jan 1979 in Huntsville, Madison County, Al.. She was buried in Gatlin Cemetery, Limestone County, Ala..


A-5-246 Henry Dewey Lewter was born on 14 Feb 1900 in Tenn.. He married Helen H. Hall on 24 Oct 1936 in Giles County, Tn.. He died on 22 Nov 1972 in Athens, Limestone Co., Ala.. His Social Security Number was 409-09-7112. He was buried in Gatlin Cemetery, Limestone County, Ala..



Notes for Henry Lee Lewter:


1. Letters of: Mrs. J.H. (Maggie) Hodges

2. Mariage Records of Limestone County, Ala.

3. Death Records, Lincoln County, Tn.


I'll give you my history of the "Lee" in Pa Henry's name. We have hand written info, by my Mom, Edna Florence Lewter. Parts of this came from a family Bible, some by contact with other family members,and Lee is recorded there. My grandfather Robert Lee, I'm told, was named for his father. His tombstone is Henry L. If you're not comfortable with the Lee please delete it from your data base. I wouldn't be offended in the least.


He never owned an automobile. He went to church in a buggy, my family went in a wagon. My Dad put the hay spread on wagon and picked up neighbors along the way to Cash Point Baptist church. There were more wagons and buggies there than cars.


Robert L. Lewter


In the 1930's Henry and Cal were living on a small farm South-East of what is now Stephenson Road and Ardmore Ridge Road in the South-Eastern corner of Giles County.. Back then the road curved around and ran in front of their house. But these days that portion of the road has been abandoned though traces of it can still be seen if you know where to look. Two of their daughters lived in houses

just a short walk from their house. Well, let me back track here a bit - the road ran in front of the barn and the house sat back from the barn. There was (and still is) a small cemetery back by the barn that contained the graves of previous owners of this property.

John V. Burns


Let me tell ya a little story about Marvin J. Lewter that my mom told me a few months ago.


During his older days, Henry Lee Lewter was in poor health, both physically and mentally. I suppose one would say that he was a real pain to take care of.


He had been staying with his daughter Maggie and her husband Johnny Hodges. Old Johnny finally had enough of taking care of the old man, packed up his few belongings and put him in the car. Making the rounds to the various family members he was met with various reasons why no one could take Old Henry in.


Eventually, they arrived at the home of Marvin and Edna Lewter. After detailing the problems he had had with Old Henry, Marvin tells Johnny "That's my grand-father you have there, no need to take him any further. I will take care of him".


And he did. Till Old Henry passed away on 20 February 1942.


Old Henry's mind had deterated to the point that he would often wander off so Marvin set Old Henry up in a bedroom with a locked door. As harsh as it seems, from what my mom tells me, Old Henry got the best of care as could be provided for the times.


John V. Burns


Cuz, your Mom told it very well----I was there!!! My Mom labored diligently , cooking, laundry and monitoring his medication. Dad ran the farm and our household. Thanks for sharing the truth!!


Cuz Bob


Unknown as to which newspaper this appeared in.

Services held for Mr. Lewter


Aged Ardmore Man Dies after Illness of Pneumonia


Services were conduted Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock for Henry L.

Lewter, aged 86, who died at his home in Ardmore Friday morning at

1:30, following an illness of pneumonia.


The Rev. Turner Smith of Hartselle officiated and burial followed in

Malone Cemetery with Tony Rainey in charge.


Active pallbearers were the grandsons and great grandsons, Melvin

Lewter, Wilford Sisk, Hilliard Hargroves, Robert Lewter, Thomas

Lewter, Fred Lewter, and Buddy Cross.


Surviving are his daughters, Mrs. Jennie Tillery, Mrs. B.A. Hargroves,

Mrs. C.M. Burns, Mrs. Raymond Sisk, of Ardmore, Mrs. A.W. Billions of

Decatur and Mrs. Johnnie Hodges of Harvest; three sons, Frank Lewter

of Athens, Bunyan Lewter of Harvest and Dewey Lewter of Ardmore.

He also leaves 46 grandchildren and a number of great grandchildren.

He was a member of the Union Church, of which he was clerk for a number



Henry L. Lewter Is Laid To Rest


Henry L. Lewter, 86, prominent and widely known resident of Ardmore,

who passed away at his home Friday, was laid to rest Saturday

afternoon. The Rev. Turner Smith, of Hartselle, conducted the

service and interment was made in Malone Cemetery.


Surviving are six daughters, Mrs. Jennie TilIery, Mrs. B. A.

Hargroves, Mrs. C. M. Burns, Mrs. Raymond Sisk, of Ardmore, Mrs,

A. W. Billions of Decatur and Mrs. Johnnie Hodges, of Harvest;

three sons, Frank Lewter, of Athens, Bunyan Lewter, of Harvest

and Dewey Lewter of Ardmore.


The Alabama Courier (Athens, Al.)

Thursday, Feb. 26, 1942


1880 Census, Enumeration Dist. 99, Dist. 1, Giles County, Tn. Page 10, 4 & 5 June 1880

89 Luter, Henry W M 23 Farm Hand Tn. Tn. Tn.

               Callie W F 19 Wife At Home Tn. Tn. Tn.

               Jimmie W M 3 Son At Home Tn. Tn. Tn.

                Lula W F 1 Dau. At Home Tn. Tn. Tn.

90 Whitt, Garrett W M 19 Farm Hand Tn. Tn. Tn.

               Mary W F 21 Wife At Home Tn. Tn. Tn.

********************************************************************************************1900 Census, Dist. 14, Civil Dist. 1, Giles County, Tn. 11 June 1900, Page 7B

LEWTTER, Henry Head W M Oct 1865 44 md. 24 yr AL TN TN Farmer Owns

Farm Free of mtg.

                   Carline Wife W F May 1859 41 md. 24 11 born -11 living TN TN TN cannot write.

                  Lou Dau. W F Apr 1879 21 S TN TN TN

                  Robert Son W M Dec 1881 18 S TN TN TN

                  Asie Son W M Apr 1883 17 S TN TN TN school in yr.

                  Frank Son W M Jan 1884 16 S TN TN TN school in yr.

                 Ada Dau. W F Mar 1887 13 S TN TN TN school in yr.

                 Benson Son W M Mar 1889 11 S TN TN TN

                 Lidey Dau W F Oct 1894 7 S TN TN TN

                 Birthy Dau. W F Aug 1896 5 S TN TN TN

                 Maggie Dau. W F July 1895 4 S TN TN TN

                 Dewey Son W M Feb 1890 3/12 TN TN TN


1891 TN Voters List, Giles Co, p. 131, Dist 1. Henry L. Lewter.


1910 Census, Dist. 1, Giles County, Tn.

96 99

Lewter, Henry L. Head M W 54 M 34 Al Tn Al

            Caline M. Wife F W 50 M 34 11 11 Tn Tn Tn

            Lillie M. Dau. F W 18 S Tn Al Tn

            Bertha C. Dau. F W 15 S

            Magie F. Dau. F W 14 S


1920 census, Giles co, TN, Dist 1, ED 19, sheet 2A, line 21.

Henry L. Lewter, age 64, b. AL, owns farm, can read

Call, wife, 60, b. TN, can't read

Maggie, dau, 24, TN

Henry D., son, 19, TN

Myrtise?, granddau, 5, TN (Dau. of Maggie)

Melvin, grandson, 4?, TN (Son of Maggie)


1930 Census, Dist. 1, Giles County, Tn. Apr. 14, 1930, Page 6A

99 102 Lewter, Henry Head M W 74 Md. at 20 yrs. Al. Al. Al. Farmer

                         Caldonia Wife, F W 70 Md. at 16 yrs. Tn. Tn. Tn.

                         Melvin Gr. Son M W 14 S Tn. Tn. Tn.

                         Ida M. Gr. Dau. F W 10 S Al. Tn. Tn. (Dau. of James Franklin)

                        Tillery, Jennie Dau. F W 53 Wd. Tn. Al. Tn.


From the Southern Baptist Archives in Nashville Tenn.

Brother Bill Summers was able to help.

Rev. James W. Lewter is listed as an ordained minister in the William Carey Association at Union

Hill Baptist Church in Giles County Tenn.

In 1892 the Church Directory reads

Union Hill - Giles County; Pastor N.B. Crutcher, Madison Station, Ala. ; Clerk H.L. Lewter,

Elkton. Day of meeting,Third Sunday. One ordained minister, J.W. Lewter.




Notes for Caroline Whitt:


1)In various letters rec'd from Henry Dewey Lewter, son of Henry and Calline, he always referred to his mother as "Calline" when using her first name.

2) Her name is given as Caline on death certificate of her son Azzie.


This story was related to me by Mr. Weldon Sanderson;

It seems that the very first automobile that Cal Lewter ever saw was coming

up their drive way. She went running from the house yelling "Shoo, shoo,

shoo" all the while flapping her apron. It seems that she was afraid that

the noise from the auto would cause the chickens to stop laying.


Cal suffered with arthritis in her hands for many years. The pictures I have of her shows her with her hands across her front with her fingers curled.


....she was a very stern lady who liked to control every situation (per my mother ).

Don Sisk


Mrs. Cal Lewter fell and broke her hip.

The Alabama Courier

Thursday. May 28, 1931