A-3-40  Jeremiah H.W. Lewter, also known as Jerry, son of Henry K. Lewter and Nancy Billions, was born on 14 Oct 1836 in Giles Co., Tenn.. He died on 28 Nov 1918 in Baugh, Giles Co., Tenn. (At Jno. Hall res.). He was buried on 30 Nov 1918 in Smith Cemetery,Lincoln County, Tenn.. He married  Nancy Billions daughter of Littleton (Billings) Billions and Nancy. She was born on 03 Feb 1834 in Lincoln Co., Tenn.. She died on 17 Jan 1921 in Giles Co., Tenn.. She was buried in Smith Cemetery, Lincoln County, Tenn..


Jeremiah H.W. Lewter and Nancy Billions were married on 07 Dec 1854 in Limestone County, Ala. By H.R. Bray at Littleton Billings Place. They had the following children:


A-4-105  Henry Lee Lewter was born on 19 Oct 1855 in Lincoln Co., Tenn.. He married Caroline Whitt in 1876 in By Samuel L. Johnson at Henry R. Lewter Place.. He died on 20 Feb 1942 in (District #17) Ardmore, Lincoln Co., Tenn..


A-4-106  Sarah Jane Lewter was born on 15 Jan 1857 in Ala.. She married Andrew Jasper Broadway on 26 Sep 1875 in Giles County, Tn.. She died on 21 Mar 1924 in Giles County, Tn..


A-4-107  John Wood Lewter was born on 01 Apr 1859 in Limestone County, Al.. He married Jimine Alice Whitt on 28 Dec 1881 in Giles County, Tenn.. He died on 05 Apr 1941 in North of Athens, Limestone County, Ala..


A-4-108  Nancy L. Lewter was born on 27 Sep 1860 in Al.. She married John David Hall on 23 Apr 1876 in Limestone County, Ala. @ Jerry Lewter Res.. She died on 20 Jul 1927 in Limestone County, Al..


A-4-109  William Nickles Lewter was born on 29 Aug 1863 in Al.. He married Clara Susan Merrill on 20 Oct 1896 in Lincoln Co., Tn.. He died on 17 Nov 1909 in Lincoln County, Tn..


A-4-110  James Alexander Lewter was born on 26 Jun 1869 in Giles Co., Tn.. He married Nora Elizabeth Gatlin on 20 Oct 1887 in Lincoln Co., Tenn.. He died on 01 Oct 1934 in Harvest, Madison Co., Al..


A-4-111  Joseph Thomas Lewter was born on 07 Jul 1871 in Tn.. He married Fannie Mullins on 22 Nov 1892 in Lincoln Co., Tn.. He died on 06 Nov 1951 in General Hospital, Louisville, Jefferson County, Ky..



Notes for Jeremiah H.W. Lewter:


1850 Census, Giles County, Tenn. 1860 Census Limestone County, Ala.

H.K. Lewter 48 M W NC Henry K. Lewter 57 M Farmer NC

Louisa 45 F W Va. Louisa 54 F Va.

James W. 18 M W Tn. Nancy E. 20 F Tn.

Jeremiah H.W. 14 M W Tn. Mary C. 17 F Tn.

Nancy E. 11 F W Tn. Martha N. 14 F Tn.

Mary C. 8 F W Tn. Lucreta 11 F Tn.

Martha N. 5 F W Tn.

Lucretia 2 F W Tn.


1860 Census, Dist. 1, Limestone Co., Al. Post Office: Shoal Ford

80 80 Jeremiah H. Lewter age 23 M Farmer born Tn.

Nancy 26 F Tn.

Henry L. 4 M Al.

Sarah J. 3 F Al.

John W. 1 M Al.


1870, Lincoln Co, TN, 20th Civl. Dist., p. 462, Malone P.O., 7th July.

J. LUTER, age 34, white male, Farmer, value of personal estate $300, b. Tenn, cannot write

Nancy, age 37, keeping house, b. Tenn, cannot write

H.L., male, age 15, b. Tenn, attended school w/i the yr

Sarah, age 13, b. Tenn, cannot write

J.W., male, age 12, b. Tenn, cannot write

Nancy L., age 9, b. Tenn

Wm. N., male, age 7, b. Tenn

Jas. A., male, age 1, b. Tenn

BILLINGS, N., white female, age 41, no occupation, b. NC


1880 LDS Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace

Census Place: District 1, Giles, Tennessee

Source: FHL Film 1255256 National Archives Film T9-1256 Page 4D

Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace

J. H. W. LEWTER Self M M W 46 TN Farming Fa: NC Mo: NC

Nancy LEWTER Wife F M W 45 AL Keeping House Fa: SC Mo: SC

J. W. LEWTER Son M S W 21 AL Work On Farm Fa: TN Mo: AL

J. A. LEWTER Son M S W 10 TN Work On Farm Fa: TN Mo: AL

Joseph LEWTER Son M S W 8 TN Work On Farm Fa: TN Mo: AL


1880 Census, District 1, Giles County, Tennessee

Family History Library Film 1255256 NA Film Number T9-1256 Page #4D

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's


J. H. W. LEWTER Self M Male W 46 TN Farming NC NC

Nancy LEWTER Wife M Female W 45 AL Keeping House SC SC

J. W. LEWTER Son S Male W 21 AL Work On Farm TN AL

J. A. LEWTER Son S Male W 10 TN Work On Farm TN AL

Joseph LEWTER Son S Male W 8 TN Work On Farm TN AL


1900 Census, Dist. 14, Civil Dist. 1, Giles County, Tn. 11 June 1900, Page 7B

130 130 Lewter, Jerry, Head W M Oct. 1836 63 Md 45 yrs. Tn. NC NC Farmer

Nancy Wife W F Feb. 1834 66 md 45 yrs. 7 7 Tn. SC SC


1910 Census, Dist. 1, Giles County, Tn.

104 108

Lewter, Jery H. Head M W 78 M 55 Tn NC NC

Nancy Wife F W 76 M 55 7 6 Tn SC SC

Mary C Sister F W 67 S Tn NC NC


1920 Soundex Alabama

ED101, s6, l 32, Limestone.

Nancy LEWTER, 85, TN

living with Andrew J. BROADWAY

Relationship to Andrew: mother-in-law


1920 Census, Dist. 101, Sand Spring, Limestone County, Al. 10 Jan. 1920, Page 6A

102 102 Broadway, Andrew J. Head Rents M W 65 md. Tn. Tn. Tn. Farmer

Sarah J. Wife F W 62 md. Al. Tn. Tn.

Lewter, Nancy Mother-in-Law F W 85 wid. Tn. Tn. Tn.


2. His Pension Application for service during the Civil War.

Marriage records of Limestone County, Ala.

Cemetery Records of Lincoln County, Tenn.

Numerous personal visits to the cemeteries of Lincoln/Giles Counties of Tenn. and Limestone County, Ala.

3. Letters of: Mrs. Linda Ward Partridge

Mr. John Robert Lewter

Discussions with my mom, Mrs. Evelyn Lila Lewter Burns

4. Nancy Billions Lewter Pension application



Notes for Nancy Billions:


Her application for pension based on Jerry's Civil War service dated June 28, 1919