A-3-31 Dorothia Holt was born about 1828 in Limestone County, Ala. (Date of License). She died before 05 Mar 1860 in Limestone Co., AL. She married  John A. White. He was born on 04 Feb 1829 in Madison Co., AL. He died on 11 Jan 1859 in Limestone County, Al.. He was buried in White-Lewis-Hilliard Cemetery, Madison Co., AL.


John A. White and Dorothia Holt were married on 04 Oct 1849 in Limestone Co., AL. They had the following children:


A-4-94  Samuel Alexander White was born on 26 May 1858. He died on 26 Apr 1934. He was buried in Weaver Cemetery, Terrell, Tx..


A-4-95  Larkin Henry White was born about 1852 in Al.. He married Mary Elizabeth Madry on 24 Oct 1875 in Al.. He died before 1900.


A-4-96  John W. White was born about 1855.


A-4-97  Ida I. White was born on 01 Oct 1851 in Madison County, Al.. She died on 22 Jan 1853. She was buried in White-Lewis-Hilliard Cemetery, Madison County, Al..



Dorothia Holt  also married James M. Rogers.


James M. Rogers and Dorothia Holt were married on 18 Jan 1860 in Giles County, Tenn.. They had no children.



Notes for Dorothia Holt:


There are records on Dorothy under name of Dorothy Rogers & under Dorothy White


1847 - Dorotha L. Holt married James M. Rogers.

1849 bef. - James M. Rogers died.

1849 Oct. 4 - Dorotha L. Holt, daughter of Henry Holt, marriage married John A. White.

1850 Dorothy was enumerated in her husband's h/h in Madison Co., AL

1860 - not found in LCA; not found in MCA - need probate records for John A. White to determine where she was living

1870 - The widowed Dorotha L. Holt White apparently died before the 1870 census was enumerated.

Both her sons were living with grandparents. Larkin was living with his paternal grandmother; Samuel A. White, 12 years old, was enumerated in the household of his widowed maternal grandmother,

Dorithy W. Holt and her 33 year old widowed granddaughter Matilda A. Grigsby Newby. Limestone Co., AL Records:

White, Dorothy L.- Probate Minutes 1875-79p. 593

HOLT, Dorotha L.- Marriage Book 1832-1862 p. 613

1899 after - Dorothy L. Holt White had a brother named Enoch E. Holt. Enoch and his wife, Mary Ann Vance Holt, died at their place of residence in District #1 of Giles Co.. Enoch died in July 1899 and Mary Ann died in April 1890. They had No issue, but each had heirs which included sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews. Some of Dorothy's children, grandchildren, etc. were named in the

Enoch Holt Giles Co., TN probate records found in File Box E, Case 5352. The case was styled A. B. Ezell , Administrator vs Henry L. Holt & als.


Holt Descendants (identified) named as heirs of Enoch Holt include

Henry L., George P., and D. D. Holt of Ellis Co., TX and W. C. Holt of Lamar Co., TX children of deceased brother William N. Holt. Malinda Scott a citizen of Lawrence Co., and widow of T. J. Scott, deceased, and a sister of Enoch

Holt. Children of Sallie Barnett, deceased wife of David Barnett, deceased whose names and ages and places of residence are unknown. Sallie Barnett was a sister of Enoch Holt. William Grigsby a citizen of TX, Mrs. Dorothy E. Scott and Husband Silas H. Scott citizens of Alabama, children of Mrs. Mary Grigsby, deceased a sister of Enoch Holt. Samuel White a citizen of TX and son of Mrs. Dorothy White, deceased, a sister of Enoch Holt and Eugene White, Sam White and Ella May White citizens of TX and Dorothy L. White, Claude White and Maude White citizens of Alabama and children of Larkin White, deceased who was also a son of Mrs. Dorothy White, deceased and a sister of Enoch Holt,

Emma Crawford Brandridge and her husband George Brandridge of TX. Emma Crawford Brandridge was only child of Martha E. Crawford, deceased, a sister of Enoch Holt, also Unknown heirs of Enoch Holt whose names and addresses are unknown.



Notes for John A. White:

General Notes:

1850 Census, Second Regiment 33, Madison County, Al. 15 Nov. 1850, Page 382

264 264 White, John 22 M Farmer 1000 Al.

Dorothy 17 F Al.


In January or February (date is uncertain) of 1860 Dorothy Holt White married James Rogers in Tenn. On Mar. 5 guardianship of the children was bestowed on Allison C. Cain who lived in Limestone Co. with his wife, Martha Parham, and one son. In Jan. of 1861 Cain asked that the guardianship be moved to Limestone Co. AL because it would be inconvenient for him to attend to it. He possibly had moved from there by then. We know that Larkin was raised by his paternal grandmother and Samuel by his maternal grandmother, Dorothy Lewter Holt (on the 1870 census he was living with her and we have nothing in between) so its possible this is when they became the guardians. However, on Jan. 27, 1879 John Turrentine, a Limestone Co. attorney released himself of guardianship of Samuel and he may have been in charge of an inheritance. We really don't know what type of guardianship he had.


1850 Madison Co., AL census p. 382A,

White, John, 22, AL

White, Dorothy, 17, AL

They were living next door to Lucy S. Hilyard.

1859 Jan 11 - , J. A. White died. Tombsone reads: In Memory of J. A. White. Born February 4th,

1829 - died January 11th, 1859 aged 29 years, 1 0 months and 7 days.

1859 - John A. White; Madison Co., AL probate records, case #2240 includes records on heirs;

slaves; inventory; vouchers; accts.

1859 White, John A. Madison Co., AL -

White, John 1263A *see Note in introduction

White, John A. - Probate records no. 2240 - heirs; slaves; inventory; vouchers; accts.

White, Samuel 2415C 1861; guardian's records

White, Larkin 1263B *see Note in introduction

White, Larkin H. 2415B 1861; guardian's records

White, Larkin S. 13 *see Note in introduction

White, John W. 2415A 1861; guardian's records

White, Elenor et als 1074 + James; John; Samuel; William (infts) - *see N ote in introduction.

On 3-5-1860 Allison C. Cain applied for letters of guardianship for minor children of John A. White and

Dorotha L. Holt, deceased.