A-4-59. Emma W. Lewter, daughter of James Madison Lewter and Caroline York,  was born in 1862 in Tennessee. She married William Crutcher Browning, known as Billy, son of Robert Jonathan Browning and Frances W. Biles. He was born on 07 Apr 1859 in Alabama.


William Crutcher Browning and Emma W. Lewter married. They had no known children.



Emma W. Lewter and unknown spouse were married on 17 Oct 1877 in Giles Co., Tn.. They had no children.



Notes for William Crutcher Browning:

General Notes:

Dist. 99, Dist. 1, Giles County, Tennessee,

Browning, Wm. W M 19 Self Md. Al. Tn. Tn.

Emma W F 18 Wife Md. Tn. Tn. Tn.


1900 Census, Dist. 65, Justice Precinct 6, Johnson County, Texas 4 June 1900, Page 290A

21 21 Browning, William Head W M Apr. 1858 42 Md. 6 yrs. Tn. NC Tn.

                           Martha O. Wife W F Feb. 1874 26 Md. 6 yrs. Al. Al. Al.

                           Susie Dau. W F July 1890 9 S Tn. Tn. Tn.

                           Maggie Dau. W F Apr. 1892 8 S Tn. Tn. Tn.

                           William C. Son W M Oct. 1894 5 S Al. Tn. Al.

                           Eva Dau. W F July 1896 3 S Al. Tn. Al.

                           John M. Son W M Dec. 1898 1 S Tx. Tn. Al.


1910 Census, Dist. 153, Justice Precinct 4, Knox County, Texas,

266 Browning, William C. Head M W 50 Md.15 yrs. Al. NC Tn.

                        Marthy O. Wife F W 36 Md.15 yrs. Al. Al. Al.

                                 8 children born - 8 living

                        Fletcher W. Son M W 15 S Al. Al. Al.

                        Eng. L. Dau. F W 13 S Al. Al. Al.

                        John Son M W 10 S Tx. Al. Al.

                        Clyde Son M W 8 S Tx. Al. Al.

                        Robert Son M W 7 S Tx. Al. Al.

                        Clinton Son M W 5 S Tx. Al. Al.

                        Waller Son M W 3 S Tx. Al. Al.

                        Mamie Dau. M W 11/12 S Tx. Al. Al.