A-3-20Henry Robert Lewter was born about 1829 in Tn.. He died about 1861 in Giles County, Tn.. He was probablyburied in the Lewter Cemetery, Giles County, Tn.. He marriedSarah Hamey Jennings daughter of Samuel Jennings and Sarah W. Jordan. She was born on 20 Aug 1829 in Va.. She died on 09 Jul 1915 in Limestone County, Al.. She was buried in Good Springs Cemetery, Limestone County, Al..


Henry Robert Lewter and Sarah Hamey Jennings had the following children:


A-4-49Sarah Ann Lewter was born on 26 Nov 1850 in Tn.. She married Junus C. Scott on 09 Dec 1869 in Elkmont Springs, Giles County, Tn. By Squire Carter. She died on 09 Dec 1939 in Al.. She was buried in Mitchell Cem., Lauderdale County, Al..


A-4-50Wiley Presley Lewter was born on 08 Apr 1852 in Giles County, Tn.. He married Laura Ellen Scott on 02 Jan 1873 in Giles County, Tn.. He died on 16 May 1928 in Lincoln County, Tn.. He was buried in New Grove Church Cem., Lincoln Co., Tn..


A-4-51Tabeathy Celestia Lewter was born on 19 Jan 1856 in Tn.. She married John James Broadway on 02 Jan 1873 in Giles County, Tn.. She died on 22 Jun 1932 in Elkton, Giles County, Tn.. She was buried in Elkton Cem., Elkton, Giles Co., Tn..


A-4-52Mary Virginia Lewter was born on 14 Sep 1858 in Tn.. She married Willis B. George on 05 Oct 1877 in Giles Co., Tn.. She died on 18 Apr 1942 in Ala.. She was buried in Oak Grove or Good Springs Cem., Limestone Co., Al..

A-4-53Susan Elizabeth Lewter was born on 06 Oct 1861 in Giles Co., Tn.. She married Needum G. George on 31 Oct 1878 in Giles Co., Tn.. She died on 26 Aug 1951 in Ala.. She was buried in Good Springs Cemetery, Good Springs, Limstone County, Al..




Notes for Henry Robert Lewter:

General Notes:

1870 Census, Dist. 1, Giles County, Tn. 25 Aug. 1870 Page 17

115 115 Scott, Junus 24 M W Farmer --- 230 Tn.

Sarah 19 F W Keep House Tn.

Luter, Sarah 37 F W Tn.

Willis 18 M W Farm laborer Tn.

Saleathy 14 F W Tn.

Mary 12 F W Tn.

Susan 9 F W Tn.

116 116 Scott, James C 26 M W Farmer Ky.

Lidy 27 F W Keep house Ky.

Louisa 18 F W Al.

Oliver 15 M W Al.

Adela 13 F W Al.

Hellin 9 F W Al.


The middle name of Henry R. as being Robert is derived from the Giles County Chancery Court


Also, about Henry R. Lewter being buried there(Lewter Cemetery)---- If you remember in the Lewter, South, book by Glenda Lunn, she tells the history of him being hung by bushwhackers and shot. If it is true he died when daughter Susan Lewter was five weeks old, it would have been in 1861. He was not buried by wife Sarah who is buried in Good Springs cemetery in Limestone Co., by her daughter Mary Virginia George and her husband Willis George. I wish we could find a newspaper article about his death. You would think that would have been in the paper. I donít think anyone knows for sure Henry is buried there. They probably think that is the most likely place and I would agree. Especially

since his father was still living at that time. Do you have anything else on Henry about his death


From Cousin Nada


If anyone uncovers anything surrounding the death of Henry Robert, would you share with this web site. Thanks.





Notes for Sarah Hamey Jennings:

General Notes:

In the will of Elizabeth JENNINGS 9-16-1857, she mentions her grandchildren:

Lucy Ann James, Susan Frances Stephenson, Micha Elizabeth Hindman, Mary

Nichols BLEDSOE, SARAH HAMEY JENNINGS, Benjamin Pleasant Jennings, Pleasant Wilson Weaver, John Wm and Samuel Madison Weaver.


Excerpt from Giles county Chancery court records M-N Woodruff Files

1830-1900. Amended bill concerning Samuel and Elizabeth JORDAN: Sarah W.

JORDAN married Samuel JENNINGS. She died before her mother (Elizabeth Jordan died 2-3-1867). Sarah left 6 children: Lucy Ann who married Samuel B. James, of Corinth, MS; Mary H (N?) McKinney wife of Philip McKinney of Kelly's

Creek Lincoln co, TN; Sarah H. married Robert LEWTER lived in Giles co.;

Benjamin P. Jennings; Susan Frances married Robert Stevenson; Micah

Elizabeth married Bartley Hindman.