A-4-41 Celistia McMillan, daughter of James A. McMillan and Lucretia Lewter, was born in May 1847 in Mississippi. She died after 1900. She married Dr. John J. Williamson. He was born in February 1838 in NC. He died after 1900.


Dr. John J. Williamson and Celistia McMillan were married about 1866. They had the following children:


A-5-73 Kendrick Williamson was born in Oct 1867 in Ms. or Texas. He married Mary L. (?) about 1894.


A-5-74 Minnie Williamson was born about 1869 in Mississippi.


A-5-75 James J. Williamson was born in 1874 in Texas.. He married Pearl (?) about 1894.


A-5-76 Laura Williamson was born about 1875 in Tx..


A-5-77 Rufus Williamson was born about 1877 in Tx..


A-5-78 Melville Williamson was born in Jun 1881 in Tx..


A-5-79 Tom Williamson was born in May 1883 in Tx..


A-5-80 Walter Williamson was born in Feb 1885 in Tx..


A-5-81 Vera Williamson was born in Mar 1887 in Tx..


A-5-82 Alebelle Williamson was born in Dec 1889 in Tx..


Notes for John J. Williamson:


1870 census, Hill co, TX, precinct 2, p. 409a, 9th August.

John J. Williamson, age 32, m, w, physician, NC

Celestia, 22, MS

Kendrick, 2, TX

Blank, 1, TX (not left blank, wrote the word blank)

Thomas Beavor, 20, laborer, MS


1880 census, Hill co, TX, precinct 2, p. 323A.

John WILLIAMSEN age 43 b. NC, NC, SC, Occ: Doctor

Celestia WILLIAMSEN, Wife, age 33, MS, TN, SC

Kendrick WILLIAMSEN, Son, age 13, MS, NC, TN

Minnie WILLIAMSEN, Dau, age 11 MS, NC, MS

James WILLIAMSEN, Son, age 6, TX, NC, MS

Laura WILLIAMSEN, Dau, age 5, TX, NC, MS

Rufus WILLIAMSEN, Son, age 3, TX, NC, MS

1880 census shows son Kendrick, age 13, mother born in TN. All other

children have mother born in MS, and Mary states she was born in MS, so is

Kendrick Mary's son? Notice in 1870 they say the two oldest were born in TX,

now they say MS!! I need marriage record for Mary & John.


1900 Johnson Co, TX - Precinct 1 - Cleburne City - June 20, 1900 -page 99,

215 West Willingham, #559

WILLIAMSON, John J., head; Feb 1838, age 62; married 34 yrs; NC, NC, NC;

physician, owns free home

Celestine, wife; May 1847, age 53; 14 children/11 living; MS, MS, MS

Mellville, son; June 1881, age 18; born TX; at school, 9 mo

Tom, son; May 1883; age 17; TX; at school, 9 mo

Walter, son; Feb 1885, age 15; TX; at school, 9 mo

Vera, dau; Mar 1887, age 13; TX; at school, 9 mo

Alebelle?, dau; Dec 1889, age 10; TX; at school, 9 mo