A-3-18  Lucretia Lewter was born about 1822 in NC. She died before 1868. She married James A. McMillan was born about 1821 in Al. or Tn..


James A. McMillan and Lucretia Lewter were married about 1840. They had the following children:


A-4-39  Emily F. McMillan was born in Dec 1844 in Ms..


A-4-40  Mary J. McMillan was born in May 1846 in Ms.. She married Thomas Williamson before Jun 1870. She died after 1900.


A-4-41  Celistia McMillan was born in May 1847 in Ms.. She married John J. Williamson about 1866. She died after 1900.


A-4-42  James J. McMillan was born in 1852 in Ms.. He died on 03 Dec 1887 in Prob. Burleson County, Tx..


A-4-43  Walter K. McMillan was born about 1853 in Ms.. He died before 1868.


Lucretia Lewter also married  (?) Freeman.


(?) Freeman and Lucretia Lewter  had the following child:


A-4-44  Emily Freeman.


Lucretia Lewter also married  (?) Williamson.


(?) Williamson and Lucretia Lewter had the following children:


A-4-45  Mary Williamson.


A-4-46 Celestia Williamson.



Notes for Lucretia Lewter:


Giles co Will, File Box L-3, Case 2778, p. 173, 1869. James M. Lewter & others vs. Margaret A. Lewter and others. This lists Lucretia as already being deceased at time of father's death in Sept 1868. Children are Emily, wife of B.T. Freeman, Mary, wife of Thomas Williamson, Celestia, wife of John J. Williamson, Walter and James McMillan. Mary J. Williamson resided in Lee Co, Mississippi. Celestia L. Williamson resided in Hill Co, Texas. Emily F. Freeman lived in Parker Co, TX. James J. McMillan lived in Burleson Co, TX.


Estate Settlements of Giles Co, TN Chancery Court, File box XXII, 13 April

1876; James Lewter vs. Sarah H. Lewter, et. al. lists Lucretia as already

being deceased, and says she left children Emily Freeman, Mary Williamson,

Celestia Williamson, James J. McMillin and Walter McMillin. Mary is wife of

Thomas Williamson, and they are living in Mississippi. Emily is wife of Ben

F. Freeman. Celestia is wife of John W. Williamson. Emily, Celestia and

their brother James McMillin are residents of Texas. Also mentions Walter

McMillin and states he died intestate and without issue since the death of





Notes for James A. McMillan:

General Notes:

1850 census, Monroe co, MS. Roll N432-378,

Twp Western Div, p. 70 image 140,

family/household 96/96.

James (J.?) McMillan, age 29, M, Overseer, b. AL

Lucretia A., age 27, F, b. TN

Ema F., age 6, F, b. MS

Mary J., age 5, F, b. MS

Celistia L., age 3, F, b. MS


1860 census, Monroe co, MS, p. 481, line 11, Aberdeen P.O., Western


McMILLAN, James A., age 38, overseer, b. AL

Lucreca, age 36, NC

Emily, age 16, MS

Mary, age 14, MS

Celestia, age 13, MS

James, age 9, MS

Walter, age 7, MS


Have not been able to find this family in 1870-MS, TN, TX.