A-3-17 Jane Lewter was born on 11 Oct 1816 in Northampton County, NC. She died on 21 Jul 1879 in Tate Co., Miss.. She was buried in Burford Cemetery, Independ-ence, Tate County, Miss.. She married  Alexander Mitchel Burford son of Solomon Burford and Sarah Hudson. He was born on 26 Feb 1807 in White Co., Tn.. He died on 25 Feb 1890 in Independance, Tate Co., Miss.. He was buried in Burford Cemetery, Independence, Tate County, Ms..


Alexander Mitchel Burford and Jane Lewter were married in 1833 in Giles Co., Tn. and had the following children:


A-4-24  Kitchen Lewter Burford was born in 1837 in Desota Co., Miss.. He died on 01 Dec 1898. He married M.E. Prichard in By William J. Barbee, M.G..


A-4-25  Thomas Leonard Payton Burford was born in 1838 in Desota Co., Miss.. He died in1858. He married Lucy H. Sandidge on 01 Sep 1858 in Desoto County, Miss. By Rev. B.F. Griffin.


A-4-26  Mitchell Marion Burford was born in 1839 in Desota Co., Miss.. He married Corella R. Walker on 25 Dec 1859 in Desoto County, Miss. By Miles H. Ford, M.g.. He died on 01 Dec 1863 in Point Lookout, Md. (Civil War).


A-4-27   Lucrittia Virginia J. Burford was born in 1841. She married Milton E. Jones on 11 Jan 1856 in Desoto County, Miss. By Stark Depuy, C of C. She died in 1915.

A-4-28  Alexander Jasper Burford was born on 06 Jul 1842 in Desota Co., Miss.. He married Mary Jane Jackson on 25 Dec 1860. He died on 28 Oct 1901 in Snyder, Scurry Co. Texas.


A-4-29  Melinda C. Burford was born in 1843. She married James A. Gillespie on 14 Nov 1865 in Desoto County, Miss.. She died in Shelby Co., Tn..


A-4-30  Sara Jane Burford was born in 1845. She married L.S. Dalton on 26 Feb 1866 in Desoto County, Miss.. She died in Apr 1880 in Tate Co., Miss..


A-4-31  Talbert Fannin Burford was born on 21 Jan 1847 in Desota Co., Miss.. He died on 17 Sep 1905 in Tate Co., Miss.. He was buried in Burford Cemetery, Tate County, Miss..


A-4-32  Rebecca Ann Burford was born on 23 Feb 1848 in Desoto Co., Miss.. She married William Lee Key on 14 Aug 1863 in De Soto County, Ms.. She died on 21 Apr 1925 in Sardis, Pandia Co., Miss..


A-4-33  Mary Frances Burford was born on 02 May 1850 in Desota Co., Miss.. She married W.A. Gilespie on 21 Jun 1867 in Desoto County, Miss.. She died on 16 May 1939 in Pontococ Co., Miss..


A-4-34  Leonard James Burford was born on 08 Sep 1851 in Desota Co., Miss.. He died on 17 Oct 1930 in Thyira, Tate Co., Miss..


A-4-35  William Conner Burford was born on 19 Dec 1852 in Desota Co., Miss.. He died on 24 Jul 1934 in Memphis, Shelby Co., Tn..


A-4-36  Richard Burford was born in 1854 in Desota Co., Miss..


A-4-37  Soloman Richard Burford was born in Dec 1854 in Desota Co., Miss.. He died in 1910 in Panola Co., Miss..


A-4-38  Peter Pittman Burford was born on 17 Feb 1856 in Tate Co., Miss.. He died on 28 Mar 1890 in Tate Co., Miss.. He was buried in Burford Cemetery, Tate County, Miss..



 Notes for Jane Lewter:


The Gospel Advocate, 1879

It is my painful duty to announce the death of our beloved sister Jane

Burford. She departed this life on Monday the 21st of July 1879. She leaves

6 sons and 5 daughters and an aged companion and many friends to mourn her

loss. Her sickness was cancer of the mouth. She was born in North Carolina,

North Hampton County, on the 11th of October 1816, moved to Tenn., in 1830;

was married to A. M. Burford in 1833; joined the church of Christ in 1841

and lived a consistent member of that body up to the time of her death. I

became acquainted with sister Burford the 15th of March 1858 and have been

very intimate with the family as neighbor and physician and always found her

kind and affctionate. But we should not grieve after her as one that had no

hope. She remarked to brother Burford before she died that she had no fears

and she bore her afflictions, though they lasted twelve months, with all the

patience that could be expected of any one. Brother Burford, hold out a few

more days, or years at most and you will be united with sister Burford in

the better land where there will be no more parting and shedding of tears.

But all will be peace and joy; may all her children imitate her Christian


W. N. McCain.

Cold Water, Depot, Miss




Notes for Alexander Mitchel Burford:


1880 Census, Independence, Tate County, Mississippi

Family History Library Film 1254665 NA Film Number T9-0665 Page #320D

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

A.M. BURFORD Self S Male W 73 TN. Farmer N.C. GA.

Pitt BURFORD Son S Male W 23 MS. TN. N.C.

W.H. BURFORD Cousin Male W 57 AL. Nursery Man N.C. S.C.


10 Sep 1835

Alexander M. Burford

Deed to David Whitt.

Registered the 7th October 1835.


This indenture made and entered into this tenth day of September one thousand eight hundred and thirty five between Alexander M. Burford of the one part and David Whitt of the other part both of the County of Giles and State of Tennessee Witnesseth, that for and in consideration of the sum of Five hundred dollars paid by the said David Whitt to the aforesaid Alexander M. Burford the receipt thereof

is hereby acknowledged by the said Burford who hath bargained sold conveyed and delivered a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the aforesaid County and State on the waters of Short Creek on the South side of Elk River granted by the State of Tennessee to Solomon Burford, butted and bounded as follows. Viz: Beginning at a box Elder & beech running west with a conditional line which the said David Whitt and James Vance both made to a dogwood and beech to the west corner of said line, thence South to two Lynns in the Ease boundary line of Samuel Lockharts 3000 acre tract thence East to the north West corner of a fitly acre tract entered in the name of Solomon Burford thence South to a hickory and Poplar to the South West corner of a fifty acre tract entered in the name of Solomon Burford thence East to a dogwood the South East corner of the aforesaid fifty and entry thence North to a beech thence East 4 poles to a 25 acre entry in the name of John Kelly to a hickory thence to the beginning being one hundred acres more or less. To have and to hold the Bargained premises with all its appurtenances unto the said David Whitt his heirs and assigns forever

and I the said Alexander M. Burford for myself, my Heirs & Executors do Convenant and agree to and with the said David Whitt his heirs and assigns that I will warrant & forever defend the right and title of said bargained premises unto the said David Whitt his heirs and assigns against the claims of all persons whatever in witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this the 10th day of Sept 1835.

Signed Sealed in the presence of T. B. Wilson James Long.


A. M. Burford, (Feb 27, 1807) died Feb 25, 1890, age 82 yrs., 11 mos., 27 days, Father (Jane, Pittman, & A M Burford recorded on one stone written on back side of stone In Loving Memory Of Our Dead Father and Mother)


Note: Another grand and good old brother passed away. He was 83 years of age. He was a member of the Antioch church, Tate County, Miss. I have known him about thirty six years. He was a member of the church of Christ when I first knew him, but don't know when he first became a member. I can say one thing, I don't know that I ever knew a more consistent member in all my life. He raised a large

family and one that any father could be proud of. He was kind, liberal and prompt. He leaves a wife and many relations and a host of friends to mourn his departure. But we have this consolation, he fulfilled his mission upon earth and has only passed over to take his final rest where we can again unite with him. I hope the relations and friends will imitate our departed brother, A. M. Burford. (W. N.

McCain, March 3, 1890)

Source: The Gospel Advocate, March 19, 1890