A-3-1    Henry T. Faison-1 was born on 05 May 1818 in Tn.. He died on 12 Feb 1902. He was buried in Lewter Cemetery, Giles County, Tn.. He married Martha A. Browning. She was born on 07 Aug 1832 in Tn.. She died on 12 Feb 1890. She was buried in Lewter Cemetery, Giles County, Tn..


Henry T. Faison and Martha A. Browning were married on 04 Nov 1853 in Lincoln County, Tn.. They had no children.


Notes on Henry T. Faison



1850 Census, Dist. 1, Giles County, Tn. 15 Oct. 1950

614 614 Henry F. Faison 33 M Farmer 500 NC

              Jane Faison 54 F NC


1860 Census, Southern Division, Giles County, Tn. 15 Aug. 1860, Page 119

807 774 Fayson, Jane             61 F Farmer 600 3556 NC

       775 Swimey, Martha        38 F 200                       NC

                             William F.   18 M Farm labor           Tn.

                             Eliza J.        14 F                             Tn.

                            Susan F.      11 F                             Tn.

880 861 Fayson, Henry T.      42 M Farmer 530 2420 NC

              Martha A.                   27 F                              Tn.


1870 Census, Dist. 1, Giles County, Tn. 24 Aug. 1870

109 109 Fason, Henry T. 53 M W Farmer 500 458 NC

                          Martha 38 F W Keep House Tn.


1880 Census, Dist. 1, Giles County, Tn. 8 June 1880, Page 18B

172 Fason, H.T.    W M 60 Farming            Tn. Tn. Tn.

                   Martha W F 45 Keeping House Tn. Tn. Tn.


According to the Estate Settlement of W.J. McNeely; Henry T. Faison, formly of Giles County, Tn. had died intestate several years prior to this settlement which was filed 17 Oct. 1887. Henry's widow, Jane, was assigned a widow's dower (no other info given). Henry left four children surviving at the time of the settlement: A. Rebecca Swinnea, Martha P. Swinnea, Eliza Beaman and Henry T. Faison Jr.


Intestate means there was no will left; however, there should be some sort of an estate inventory/sale and other papers.