Rebecca Bunn daughter of Jacob Bunn and Elizabeth (?) was born about 1743 in Northampton

County, NC. She died before 1840. She was buried in Chatham County, NC.


Notes for Rebecca Bunn:


My initial research on this family started with the book: "Luter-Lewter Family of England, Virginia,

North Carolina and States South and West" by Mrs. Belle Lewter West. We know that Hardy Lewter was the son-in-law of Jacob Bunn. There are at least two documents on

record attesting to this fact. But there has been no record found that implies that Hardy's wife was

named Rebecca. I believe Mrs. West was the first to attach this name to Hardy and never provided any source of documentation for this. But, for now, I will continue the use of this name simply because I like the name Rebecca, plus it is a very good Southern name