Susan Fleetwood Memorial


C-3-73 Susan Fleetwood, daughter of Joshua Charlton Fleetwood and Susan Elizabeth Lewter,  was born on 10 Jan 1863 in Northampton County, NC. She died on 29 Mar 1954 in Northampton County, NC.  She was buried in Roberts Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery, Northampton County, NC. She married

James Henry Stephenson. He was born on 17 Nov 1860 in Northampton County, NC. He died on 18 Apr 1941 in Northampton Co., NC. He was buried in Roberts Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery, Northampton County, NC.


James Henry Stephenson and Susan Fleetwood had the following children:


C-4-125 Gilbert Stephenson was born on 17 Dec 1884 in Northampton County, NC. He died on 09 Jun 1972, Northampton County, NC. He was buried in Roberts Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery, Northampton County, NC.



Notes for James Henry Stephenson:


Dr. Gilbert Stephenson of Warren Place


Any history of Northampton County would not be complete unless Gilbert Stephenson of Warren Place was recognized. In the year of 1875, Thomas Boone Stephenson bought land from Sheriff Warren and the original home was called Warren Place. In 1910 when James Henry Stephenson inherited the land, he built a new home and retained the name Warren Place by which the home is

known today.


James Henry Stephenson married Miss Susie Fleetwood, daughter of Rev. Joshua Fleetwood. They became the parents of Gilbert on December 17, 1884, who, after attending Conway and Severn Schools entered Wake Forest College at the age of fourteen years. So far, Gilbert is the youngest student ever to enter Wake Forest. In 1902 he graduated with an A.B. degree; an M.A., in 1906.


Afterward he entered Harvard, earning a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1910. In the same year his first book, Race Distinction in American Law, was published.


During his years, he wrote and published twenty-five books on banking law and trusts. These have been used as text books in colleges and universities. After his years at Wake Forest, Mr. Gilbert married an attractive young school teacher,

Miss Grace White of Perquimans County, who was teaching in the Conway School.


After Dr. Stephenson's preparation in the law profession, he began the practice of law in Winston Salem in 1910. After the end of World War II, he began trust work in Wachovia Bank of Winston Salem. In 1922 Dr. Stephenson opened Wachovia Bank in Raleigh. During the years of depression he realized that to save Warren Place, he must go elsewhere to recuperate financially; therefore, he

accepted a position in Wilmington, Delaware, as trust officer. Later, he became Vice-President of Trusts and soon was chosen President of Trust Division of Bankers in 1930-31. He studied trust methods in countries of Europe and was in demand for lectures in many law schools. After spending time teaching at Rutgers, Northwestern University, Southwestern University of Dallas and twelve

years of teaching each summer on the Pacific Coast, Gilbert and Miss Grace retired to Warren Place in 1950 after working half a century in trusts. Both of these valuable people came home to give of their wealth of knowledge to Northampton County. They took an active part in the Baptist Church,

which was expected as Mr. Gilbert had served on the Board of Trustees of Wake Forest College for twenty-one years, and on the Board of Crozier Theological Seminary of Pennsylvania, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Board of N. C. Baptist Foundation. Both

Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson were active in the State Literary and Historical Association. Miss Grace brought recognition to Northampton County by being chosen Mother of the Year of 1964. In 1968, Dr. Stephenson, at 84 years of age, delivered the commencement address at his alma mater, Wake Forest.


Dr. and Mrs. Stephenson had two sons, Thomas, of Wilmington, Delaware; and James Henry, of Baltimore, Maryland. There are five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Miss Grace who has been alone for two years, is happy to have seen six generations come to Warren Place.


From: History of Northampton County, NC 1741 - 1776 - 1976