C-2-25 Susan Elizabeth Lewter daughter of Willie Lewter and Mary Mariah Porter was born on 17 Dec 1830. She died on 27 Jul 1863 in Galatia, Northampton County, NC. She was buried in Galatia Baptist Church Cem., Northampton County, NC. She married  Joshua Charlton Fleetwood son of Ashley Fleetwood and Parthenia Newborn was born on 04 Jul 1828 in Perquimans County, NC. He died on 27 Oct 1901 in Galatia, Northampton County, NC. He was buried in Galatia Baptist Church Cem., Northampton County, NC.


Joshua Charlton Fleetwood and Susan Elizabeth Lewter were married on 19 Oct 1852 in Northampton County, NC. They had the following children:


C-3-67  Mary P. Fleetwood was born in 1853 in Northampton County, NC. She married Arthur Elias Stephenson on 20 Nov 1872 in Northampton County, NC. She died in 1936 in Northampton County, NC.


C-3-68  George W. Fleetwood was born in 1855 in Northampton County, NC.


C-3-69  John W. Fleetwood was born in 1856 in Northampton County, NC.


C-3-70  James Charlton Fleetwood was born on 06 Jun 1857 in Celatia, Northampton Co., NC. He married Anna Mariah Powell on 06 Apr 1882 in Franklin, VA. He died on 11 May 1915 in Franklin, VA. He was buried in Popular Springs Cemetery, Franklin, VA.


C-3-71  Joseph Fleetwood was born in 1859 in Northampton County, NC.


C-3-72  Robert Fleetwood was born in 1861 in Northampton County, NC.


C-3-73  Susan Fleetwood was born in 1863 in Northampton County, NC.



Notes for Joshua Charlton Fleetwood:


1850 Census, Yeopim, Perquimans County, NC, 25 July 1850, Page 368

21 21 Fleetwood, Wilson M. 32 M Farmer 2500 NC (Wilson M. Fleetwood md.   

    Mary Ann White - Bond date 15 Dec. 1838)

                             Mary A. 35 F NC Perquimans County, NC. Bondsman:

                             William N Fleet;

                             Frances A. 9 F NC Witness: John Wood

                            Thomas J. 7 M NC

                            Josephine R. 3 F NC

          White, William 22 M NC

                     Martha 22 F NC

          Fleetwood, Joshua C. 21 M Student NC

          White, Hugh K. 14 M NC

          Curtis, William 11 M NC


1860 Census, Dist. 7, Northampton County, NC 18 June 1860, Page 21

172 172 Fleetwood, J.C. 31 M Farmer 3164 5801 NC

                                Sue 29 F NC

                                May 6 F NC

                                George 5 M NC

                               Jno. W. 4 M NC

                               James C. 3 M NC

                               Jos. M. 2 M NC


1870 Census, Wiccacanee, Northampton County, NC 12 Aug. 1870, Page 16

111 111 Fleetwood, Joshua 42 M W Farmer 2500 800 NC

                                 Louisa 28 F W Keeping House NC

                                 Mary P. 17 F W At Home NC

                                 George W. 15 M W Attend School NC

                                 John W. 14 M W Attend School NC

                                 James 13 M W At Home NC

                                 Joseph 11 M W At home NC

                                 Robert 9 M W NC

                                 Susan 7 F W NC

                                 Elma T. 2 F W NC

                                 Lula M. 3/12 F W NC


1880 Census, Dist. 187, Wiccacanee, Northampton County, NC 10 June 1880, Page 387

203 Fleetwood, Joshua W M 52 Farmer NC NC NC

                          Lousia W F 36 Wife Keeping House NC NC NC

                          Charlie W M 21 Son Laborer NC

                          Robert W M 18 Son Laborer NC

                          Sudie W F 17 Dau. NC

                          Elma W F 11 Dau. NC

                          Elia W F 9 Dau. NC

                          Katie W F 7 Dau. NC

                         Ora W F 6 Dau. NC

                          Paul W M 5 Son NC

                          Milton W M 3 Son NC

                          Infant W M 3/12 Son NC


1900 Census, Dist. 79, Wiccacanee, Northampton County, NC 5 June 1900, Page 3B

61 62 Fleetwood, Joshua C. Head W M July 1828 71 md. 48 NC NC NC Farming

                             Louesa F. Wife W F Dec. 1842 51 md. 48 NC NC NC

                            Auborn Son W M Jan. 1880 19 S NC

                            Cary B. Son W M Feb. 1883 17 S NC


JOSHUA CHARLTON FLEETWOOD (1829-1901) was born in Perquimans County. He moved to Northampton in 1852, and purchased farm land near Galatia. He was ordained as a minister in 1879, organized thirteen churches and served as pastor of Galatia, Pine Forest, Mt. Carmel, Roberts Chapel, Jackson, Roanoke, Margarettsville (probably Seaboard and Creeksville) and others in

Greensville County, Virginia. Fleetwood was educated at a Quaker school in Gates County. He traveled to Tennessee on horseback to visit an uncle and kept a diary of the trip which remains in the family. Fleetwood married twice, first to Susan Elizabeth Lewter in 1852 and second to Louisa Franklin Maddrey in 1865. He had seven children by his first marriage and twelve by the second, several dying in infancy. He is buried in the family cemetery near Galatia.

From History Of Northampton County, NC