C-2-21 John Thomas Lewter son of Willie Lewter and Mary Mariah Porter  was born on 03 Feb 1822 in Northampton County, NC. He died on 11 May 1887. He was buried in Lawrence Cemetery, Murfreesboro, Hertford Co., NC. He married  Susan E. (?).


John Thomas Lewter and Susan E. (?) had no children.



C-2-21 John Thomas Lewter also married Anna Harrison. She was born in 1837. She died on 29 Jul 1884. She was buried in Lawrence Cemetery,

Murfreesboro, Hertford Co., NC.


John Thomas Lewter and Anna Harrison had no children.



Notes for John Thomas Lewter:


CENSUS YR: 1850 STATE: North Carolina COUNTY: Northampton REEL NO: M432-639 PAGE NO: 41B

REFERENCE: Enumerated by Nicholas Boon on September 17, 1850; Penciled Number 81

27 662 662 Hays Mary 44 F W 956 VA

28 662 662 Lewter John T. 28 M W Physician 2,275 NC

29 662 662 Lewter Susan E. 19 F W NC

30 662 662 Jenkins Martha A. 26 F W 753 NC

31 662 662 Jenkins Rosa A.E.J. 4 F W 1,517 NC

32 662 662 Britt George 21 M W Overseer VA X

33 663 663 Lewter Elias 28 M W Farmer 275 NC X

REMARKS: Married Sally Davis on 11/07/1839

34 663 663 Lewter Sarah 33 F W NC X

35 663 663 Lewter Charity 8 F W NC

36 663 663 Lewter Martha 6 F W NC


1860 Hertford County, North Carolina Census of the United States of America

#67 Lewter, John T. 38, M, Physician, $10,000, Northampton Co., NC


Guide to the Murfreesboro Historical Association Collection: J. T. Lewter Papers, 1857-1887

(Manuscript Collection #691.001)

John T. Lewter was a physician in Hertford County, N.C. Married and a property owner of some stature, he apparently had no children of his own. A will and account books indicate he was the guardian (1857-1868) for Lillian Vick, his wife's niece.


The ledgers belonging to Dr. Lewter can be divided into three groups:

   (1) patient ledgers;

   (2) Negro accounts; and

   (3) personal merchandise ledgers and a daybook.


Each ledger includes some information similar in type to that found in the other ledgers. Patient ledgers begin in 1857 and continue through 1885. They are indexed by family name and entries include the date of the visit, name of the family member seen, a description of the visit which occasionally includes medicine prescribed and/or diagnosis, and cost of the visit and method of

payment. Entries indicate that Lewter was paid both in cash and in kind. Medical visits to slaves are listed under the owner's family name in the first volume (1857-1869). Weather, time of day, and location of the family visited are mentioned infrequently.


The first volume (1857-1869) is almost entirely a notation of visits to patients. A perusal of the ledger reveals the medications most frequently prescribed include quinine, cough mixture, morphine, peragoric, bitters, purgative, laudanum, castor oil and magnesia; the most commonly treated illnesses were shingles, chills, worms, croup and diarrhea; and the most frequently used procedures include

bleeding, cupping, extracting teeth, delivering babies (including the use of instruments) (pp. 80, 280), reducing the uterus (p. 245), vaccinating children and adults, setting fractures, lancing abcesses, and dressing wounds. Throughout all the patient ledgers, consultation with other doctors is frequently noted.


The last section of the first ledger (pp. 340-351) includes notations for taxes paid, tuition and board at the Chowan Female Institute (1861-1862) and Greensboro Female College (1862-1863), rents for land (1857-1868), Confederate tax, and payment and clothing for hired slaves (1857-1863).


A second medical volume (1862, 1865-1875) is arranged in the same fashion as the previous volume and includes notations for similar illnesses. Medications not previously mentioned include iron mixture (p. 57), epsom salts (p. 345), chloroform (p. 279), and iodine (p. 59). Also discussed are obstetrical

procedures, including the delivery of placenta (pp. 85, 231). In addition, also noted is a discount for payment in greenbacks (p. 55) and the receipt of cash in greenbacks (p. 91). Unrelated to the medical notations are payment lists for work done by hired help, including washing (pp. 407, 433) and carpentry (1868), and a final entry (p. 440) noting cotton sold to Hymans & Dancy (1871-1872). This second volume begins with listings for January - February 1862 (pp. 1-48) of sales of candles, sundries, flour, lard, beef, coffee, bacon, salt, turnips, and sugar to officers of the Confederate Army serving in the area. Also included in this section are purchases by Capt. Edward C. Yellowley of Co. G of the 8th Regiment of N.C. State Troops (pp. 15, 25), the selling of whiskey and sundries to an unnamed hospital (p. 23), the purchase of candles by a guard house (p. 27), cash accounts for Confederate officers (pp. 24-26), and payments received from the State of North Carolina and the Confederate States of America. (pp. 39, 41).


The final medical ledger (1871-1885) is arranged in the same fashion as those before. Diseases are mentioned by name including diptheria (p. 121) as well as ones previously noted in earlier ledgers. Other notations of interest include a procedure for the surgical removal of a tumor from a tongue (p. 84), vaginal examinations (p. 141), and the use of insurance (1870s, p. 90). This third ledger also includes Lewter's personal agricultural accounts with such firms as Elliott Bros. (p. 396) for the sale of cotton and hay; Hymans and Dancy (p. 187) for the sale of cotton; and Vaughan, Barnes & Co. for the purchase of cotton bagging and ties and other agricultural supplies (pp. 400, 403, 442, 468-469); and more locally, the purchase of chickens (p. 477).


A volume of Negro accounts (1869-1881) is primarily concerned with hired farm help and their families. Family names are indexed and entries combine information on pay for the workers and what they received in terms of food and lodging, and medical accounts for their illnesses and those of their family members.


The remaining ledgers are a mixture of merchandise accounts (1877-1883; 1883-1887) and a daybook (1881-January 1883) which are concerned with agricultural purchases and sales from such companies as Landreth and Son, and the purchase of medical supplies, medications, and personal items such as cigarettes.


The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the Reading Room's card catalog. This system is no longer maintained, but it is left in place to help on-site researchers locate particular topics in the collection.

Geographic Entries:

* North Carolina, Hertford County

Subject Entries:

* AGRICULTURE--Labor and Laboring Classes--Hertford Co., N.C.

* AGRICULTURE--Prices--19th Century






* HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Dentistry--19th Century

* HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Diseases--19th Century

* HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Drugs--19th Century

* HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Fees--19th Century

* HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Negroes--Hertford Co., N.C.

* HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Obstetrics--19th Century

* HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Payment-in-Kind--19th Century

* HEALTH AND MEDICINE--Physicians (General Practice)--Hertford Co., N.C.

* INSURANCE--Insurance Companies--19th Century

* LABOR--Health and Medicine--19th Century

* LAND--Rent--Hertford Co., N.C.--19th Century

* NEGROES--Labor and Laboring Classes--19th Century

* SLAVERY--Condition of Slaves

* SLAVERY--Hire-of-Slaves

* TAXATION--Hertford Co., N.C.--19th Century

* WAR--CIVIL--Aftermath

* WAR--CIVIL--Hospitals

* WAR--CIVIL--Provisions


Box 1 #0691-001.1

Medical Ledgers: 1857-1869; 1862, 1865-1875

Box 2 #0691-001.2

Medical Ledger, 1871-1885

Box 3 #0691-001.3

Merchandise Ledger, 1877-1883

Box 4 #0691-001.4

Negro Accounts, 1869-1881

Box 4 #0691-001.4

Daybook, 1881-January 1883

Box 5 #0691-001.5

Merchandise Ledger, 1883-1887

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Colonial and state political history of Hertford County, N. C.

At a general muster of the county militia on March 11,1861, at Oak Villa, near Winton, Dr. John T. Lewter, of Murfreesboro, was elected Colonel in place of Col. Starkey Sharp, and Samuel D. Winborne, of Maney's Neck, was elected Major, a position to which he was first elected in 1847.