C-3-49. Charity Lewter, daughter of Elias Lewter and Sarah Davis, was born on 05 May 1842 in Northampton County, NC. She died on 08 Jul 1930 in North-ampton County, NC.  She married Green Gay son of Lemuel Gay and Rachel Underwood. He was born on 17 Sep 1837. He died on 13 Feb 1878 in North-ampton County, NC. He served with the North Carolina Troops during the Civil War.


Green Gay and Charity Lewter were married on 22 Mar 1859 in Northampton Co., NC. They had the following children:


C-4-32 Sally Gay was born on 19 Feb 1860. She married John Norfleet White on 27 Nov 1880. She died on 04 Mar 1943 in Northampton County, NC.


C-4-33 Laura F. Gay was born on 07 Oct 1861. She married Samuel W. B. Knight on 05 Sep 1878. She died on 28 May 1880.


C-4-34 Jimmy Green Gay was born on 02 Mar 1864.


C-4-35  Martha Ellen Gay was born on 06 Jan 1867.


C-4-36 William Jesse Gay was born on 02 Apr 1869 in Margarettesville, NC. He married Ada Elizabeth Reid in 1895. He died in Feb 1965 in Portsmouth, Va..


C-4-37 Robert Henry Gay was born on 29 Sep 1871 in Northampton County, NC. He married Mattie Maude Stephenson on 15 Jun 1899. He died on 22 Jun 1910 in Seaboard, NC.


C-4-38 Jerome Lafayette Gay was born on 29 Jul 1874 in Northampton County, NC. He married Buelah Kell Hatchett in 1901. He died on 01 Jul 1965 in Seaboard, Nothampton County, NC.


C-4-39 Samuel J. Gay was born on 01 Nov 1876 in Northampton County, NC. He died on 14 Jun 1878.



Notes for Green Gay:


Info obtained from family Bible.


1870 Census, Wiccacanee, Northampton County, NC 11 Aug. 1870, Page 12

84 84 Gay, Green 32 M W Farmer 500 400 NC

                  Charity 26 F W Keeping House NC

                  Sally 10 F W At home NC

                  Laura 8 F W " NC

                  James 5 M W " NC

                 Martha 3 F W " NC

                 William 1 M W " NC


1880 Census, Wiccacanee, Northampton County, NC 13 June 1880, Page 33 A

264 264 Gay, Charity W F 58 Farming NC NC NC

                       Sallie W F 20 Dau. NC NC NC

                       Jimmie W F 16 Dau. NC NC NC

                       Martha W F 13 Dau. NC NC NC

                       William W M 11 Son NC NC NC

                       Robert W M 9 Son NC NC NC

                       Jerome W M 6 Son NC NC NC

              White, John M. W M 26 Laborer NC NC NC


1910 Census, Dist. 89, Wiccacanee Twp., Northampton County, NC

23 April 1910, Page 7A

77 Gay, Jereme L. Head M W 35 Md.9 yrs NC NC NC Farmer

              Bulah K. Wife F W 28 Md.9 yrs Va Va Va

                        3 children; 2 living

              Roland L. Son M W 5 S NC

              Virginia E. Dau. F W 1 5/12 NC

              Charity A. Mother F W 67 Wid. NC Nc Nc



Notes for Charity Lewter:


Charity was a very prim and proper lady and legend has it that in spite of having had eight children, she could always be found sitting quietly in her parlor, attired in a lace trimmed gown, crocheting or embroidering something dainty. She obviously disapproved of spiritous beverages as evidenced by the following note written to Mr. W.J. Maddrey, Administrator of the estate of her deceased husband in 1878: "You will please on the 24th day of April, the day of sale, sell the Brandy Still belonging to the estate of my deceased husband, Green Gay, and oblige as I have no further use for it."