C-1-5  Giles Lewter was born in 1790 in Northampton County, NC. He died before 10 May 1825 in Northampton County, NC. He married  Fereby (Pheriby) Powell. She was born on 01 Jan 1798 in Northampton County, NC. She died about 1878 in Northampton County, NC.


Giles Lewter and Fereby (Pheriby) Powell were married before 1821. They had the following children:


C-2-19   Elias Lewter was born on 22 Oct 1821. He married Sarah Davis on 07 Nov 1839 in (Date of Marriage Bond) Northampton County, NC. He died in 1902 in Northampton County, NC. He was buried in Lewter Family Cemetery, Northampton County, NC.


C-2-20 Littleberry Lewter was born on 02 Jan 1823 in Northampton County, NC.



Notes for Giles Lewter:


Date of death for Giles obtained from Deed Book 22, Page 311, Northampton County, NC, and Estate papers, Raleigh, NC.


Giles Lewter, Jr. apparently died suddenly as a very young man leaving no Will. He had no children when his fathers Will was written in 1819; his first child was born about 1822 (1850 Census, Northampton County, NC). Estate papers in Raleigh, NC Archives contain a petition dated 1825 by Giles' widow, Phereba Lewter, for her dower right and provisions for her children, Elias and Littleberry

Luter. An inventory of the estate of Giles Lewter Jr contains many items indicating he was probably the proprietor of "Lewters Tavern at the Fork of the Road" near Galatia, NC. An accounting of his estate indicates he was very generous with credit to his clientele which included many citizens of the



1850 Census, Northampton Co., NC

18 651 651 Lewter, Littleberry 23 M W None

27 662 662 Hays, Mary 44 F W 956 VA

28 662 662 Lewter, John T. 28 M W Physician 2,275 NC

29 662 662 Lewter, Susan E. 19 F W NC

30 662 662 Jenkins, Martha A. 26 F W 753 NC

31 662 662 Jenkins, Rosa A.E.J. 4 F W 1,517 NC

32 662 662 Britt,George 21 M W Overseer VA X

33 663 663 Lewter, Elias 28 M W Farmer 275 NC X

REMARKS: Married Sally Davis on 11/07/1839

34 663 663 Lewter, Sarah 33 F W NC X

35 663 663 Lewter, Charity 8 F W NC

36 663 663 Lewter, Martha 6 F W NC