John Sykes grave stone


C-3-41 John Alfred Sykes, son of William M. Sykes and Sarah Deloatch,  was born on 07 Aug 1839 in Northampton County, NC. He enlisted on 3 June 1862, and served during the Civil War with Company D, North Carolina 54th Infantry Regimen. He died on 20 Dec 1906 in Northampton County, NC. He was buried at Conway City Cemetery, Conway, Northampton County, NC.


C-3-41 John Alfred Sykes married Lucy Ann Futtrell. She was born in 1841 in NC.


John Alfred Sykes and Lucy Ann Futtrell were married on 15 Jan 1861 in Northampton County, NC. They had the following children:


C-4-13 Georgetta Sykes was born in 1866 in NC. She married Nezzie Davis 23 Jan. 1883, Northampton County, NC.



C-4-14 Sarah E. Sykes was born in 1869 in NC.


C-4-15 John Addison Sykes.


C-4-16 Mary E. Sykes.




C-3-41 John Alfred Sykes also married Martha Indiana Carter. She was born 18 September 1854 in Northampton County, NC. She died in 30 September in

Northampton County, NC. She was buried in Conway City Cemetery,Conway, Northampton County, NC.


John Alfred Sykes and Martha Indiana Carter were married on 12 Oct 1876 in Northampton County, NC. They had the following children:


C-4-17 Bessie M. Sykes.


C-4-18 Mattie E. Sykes.


C-4-19 Martha E. Sykes.


C-4-20 Wiley A. Sykes.


C-4-21 Virgie Sykes.


C-4-22 Bathsheba Corbnelia Sykes.


C-4-23 Isaac Ike Sykes.


C-4-24 Paul S. Sykes.


C-4-25 Grace L. Sykes.




Notes for John Alfred Sykes:



1) Cemetery records of Northampton County, NC.

2) 2 John Sykes? Not sure if we are dealing with two separate individuals here or this is one and the same. If it's the same person then Lucy Ann died at an early age and John remarried. But, looking at the below bank records would suggest that this is two seperate individuals. More, concentrated, work needs to be done on this family.


1850 Census, Northampton County, NC

22 Aug. 1850, Page 24

384 Sikes, William M. 36 M NC Farmer

                  Sarah 30 F NC

                  Lucretia 12 F NC

                  John 11 M NC

                  Jesse 8 M NC

                  Willie 6 M NC

                  Mary 5 F NC

                  Elizabeth 2 F NC

        Lam, William 18 M NC


1870 Census, Roanoke, Northampton County, NC

28June 1850, Page 6

39 Sykes, Sarah 50 F W NC

                 John A. 30 M W NC

                  Lucy Ann 29 F W NC

                  Mary F. 23 F W NC

                 Georgetta 4 F W NC

                  Sarah 11/12 F W NC

      Harriss, Charton 18 M B NC

      Maget, Benjamin 13 M B NC

      Calvert, Richard 15 M B NC


1880 Census, Dist. 188, Kirby Twp., Northampton County, NC

12 June 1880, Page 32

315 Sykes, John A. W M 40 Head Md. NC NC NC

                   Martha I. W F 25 Wife Md. NC NC NC

                   Ettie W F 14 Dau. S NC

                   Sarah E. W F 10 Dau. S NC

                   John A. W M 9 Son S NC

                   Mary E. W F 7 Dau. S NC

                   Belle D. W F 2 Dau. S NC

       Stephenson, John B M 13 S NC


Freedman's Bank Records, 1865-1871

Name: J A Sykes

Birth Year: 1840

Age: 34

Account Date: 19 Dec 1872

Spouse's Name: Martha [Sykes]

Father's Name: Armstead [Sykes]

Mother's Name: Jacie [Sykes]

Birth State: North Carolina

Children: Mary,Emma

Siblings: Harris,Parker


North Carolina Marriage Collection, 1741-2004 about John A Sykes

Name: John A Sykes

Gender: Male

Birth Date: abt 1839

Age: 37

Race: White

Spouse: Martha J Carter

Spouse Gender: Female

Spouse Age: 22

Marriage Date: 12 Oct 1876

Marriage County: Northampton

Marriage State: North Carolina

Source Vendor: North Carolina State Archive


U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles

Name: John Alfred Sykes

Residence: Northampton County, North Carolina

Occupation: Farmer

Enlistment Date: 3 Jun 1862

Rank at enlistment: Private

Enlistment Place: Northampton County, NC

State Served: North Carolina

Service Record: Enlisted in Company D, North Carolina 54th Infantry Regiment on 03 Jun


Sources: North Carolina Troops 1861-65, A Roster