C-3-38 Phillip Henry Boyce, son of Henry T. Boyce and Martha Ann Sykes, was born July 1869 in NC. He died on 22 Mar 1939 in Kaufman County, Texas. He married Carrie Bush. She was born in Nov. 1880 in Texas. She died on 16 Aug 1966 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.


Phillip Henry Boyce and Carrie Bush had the following children:


C-4-9 Willie Lee Boyce was born in 1922 in Tx.. She died on 22 Mar 2011 in Waco, Texas.


C-4-10 Orlena was born in 1916 in NC.


C-4-11 Phyllis was born in 1920 in Texas.


C-4-12 Virginia A. was born 1924 in Texas



Notes for Phillip Henry Boyce:


1900 Census, Dist. 47, Western Branch, Norfolk, Virginia

15 June 1900, Page 30A

712 Boyce, Phillip Head W M July 1869 30 Md.3 yrs. NC NC NC

                   Carrie Wife W F Nov. 1880 19 Md.3 yrs. Tx. Ind. Tx.


1910 Census, Dist. 77, Jackson Twp., Northampton County, NC

16 April 1910, Page 4A

57 Boyce, Phillip H. Head M W 40 Md.10 yrs. NC NC NC

                 Carrie Wife F W 28 Md 10 yrs Tx Iowa Tx.

                 Maute O. Dau. F W 4 S NC


1920 Census, Dist. 97, Beaumont Ward 3, Jefferson County, Texas

2 Jan. 1920, Page 1A

3 Boyce, Phillip Henry Head M W 50 Md. NC NC NC Carpenter, Ship

              Carrie Wife F W 39 Md. Tx. Ind. Tx.

              Orlena Dau. F W 14 S NC

              Phyllis Dau. F W 0 S Tx.


1930 Census, Dallas, Dallas County, Tx. Apr. 10 & 11, 1939, Page 4A

330 383 Boyce, Phillip H. Head Rents M W 60 Md. at 27 yrs. NC NC NC Carpenter

                          Carrie Wife F W 49 Md. at 16 yrs. Tx. Ind. Tx.

                          Phillis C. Dau. F W 10 S. Tx. NC Tx.

                          Willie L. Dau. F W 8 S Tx.

                          Virginia A. Dau. F W 6 S Tx.